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Medical Scales - Infant Weigher

Medical Scales - Infant Weigher

Pediatric scales for weighing babies are very important. Our selection of professional pediatric and neonatal scales are designed to accommodate the youngest and smallest of patients in any healthcare setting. Our advanced pediatric scales provide fast and easy weight measurements.
  • detecto-8440-digital-baby-scale.jpg
    Detecto 8440 Digital Baby ScaleDetecto 8440 baby scale is perfect for home health care or wherever space is limited and performance is paramount. Tray dimensions are 20.6 W x 10.5 D x 4 H inch. Display options include date and time as well as storage of previous weight on a large 1 inch (25 mm) high LCD screen. 44 lb x 0.5 oz / 20 kg x 10 g capacity
  • doran-medical-ds4100-infant-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS4100 Infant ScaleDesigned for portability and accuracy, the Doran DS4100 is the perfect choice for a traveling nurse or a pediatric office. Light enough for visiting nurses, yet stable and reliable enough for busy pediatric or family practices. DS4100 baby scales features a one-piece, easy to sanitize design that is sturdy and lightweight.
  • doran-medical-ds4200-baby-scale-seat.jpg
    Doran Medical DS4200 Infant Scale with Seat Doran Medical DS4200 baby scale offers all the features of the DS4100 with the additional feature of a molded plastic infant seat. For maximum infant safety, the seat is permanently mounted to the scale. The seat can be adjusted to face either right or left so that it can allow easy access to the infant chair in any office configuration.
  • RL-DBS-baby-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake Digital Baby Scale (RL-DBS)Even the most active babies can be weighed and measured accurately, safely and quickly with the RL-DBS. The baby can be placed on the scale, quickly removed, and then have its weight recalled for charting by pressing the Recall key. Battery or AC-powered Digital Baby Scale can be placed anywhere in the facility.
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