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Brecknell SBI-521 Digital Weight Indicator

The Brecknell SBI-521 is loaded with many standard features. This indicator series is housed in a steel enclosure rated at IP65 and may be used in wide variety of applications from bench, floor scale, batching system, check weighing and more! Good choice to replace the old Salter 200SL


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Brecknell now offers the SBI-521 LCD or LED Indicator. This powerful indicator is loaded with many standard features. The SBI-521 indicator series has a standard steel enclosure rated at IP65. These indicators can be used in wide variety of applications from bench, floor scale, batching system, check weighing and more. Take a look at the specifications below and you will agree this is a lot of indicator for the price. This replaces the Salter 200ES and 200SL Indicator.


Brecknell SBI-521 SST Enclosure Indicator Features

Divisions: NTEP approved at 10,000 divisions, class lll
Display Resolution: 100 - 100,000d primary units
Display: LCD or LED backlight
Power: 6V 4 AH rechargeable internal lead acid battery with 110/220 AC internal transformer - with battery life >30 hrs
Function: Gross, tare, net, hold, counting, totalizing, check weighing, percentage, peak
Push Button Tare and Keyed in Tare
Units: lb, kg, lb/oz
Configurable: Zero, motion and stability parameters (includes one low pass and two digital filters)
Time and Date: Standard

Load Cells: Drives up to 8 @ 350 ohm

Enclosure: Heavy duty stainless steel IP65 with stainless steel swivel stand

Serial Port 1: Full duplex RS-232 serial port; demand or continuous
Serial Port: 2: Full duplex RS-232 or half duplex RS-485
Digital Calibration: Up to 4 points
Audit Trail - Class I Physical Seal



brecknell sbi-521 lcd display

              LCD - AWT05-506154



Salter Brecknell SBI-521 LED display weight readout

               LED - AWT05-506155



PART # ............ DESCRIPTION
AWT05-506154   SBI-521 Standard, Stainless Steel LCD display, IP65
AWT05-506155   SBI-521 Standard, Stainless Steel LED display, IP65




60132-0013   J-Box pig-tail cable (0.3 m / 1' length)
60132-1011   SS indicator interface cable assy. (4.5 m / 15')