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Portable Scales

Portable Scales

Portable scales are virtually unlimited when it comes to functionality and convenience. We offer a wide range of digital portable scales with capacities ranging from a few grams up to 120,000 pounds. We offer lab balances, shipping and receiving scales, wheel weighers, portable platform scales, and portable truck scales. In addition to our industrial scales, we also have several medical scales that can be moved around. Some of our floor scales are available with special ramps or portability frames to bring the scale to you. Our platform scales are great for weighing things like drums, barrels, small crates, even containers.

  • btek-centurion-portable-truck-scale
    B-Tek Centurion Self Contained Portable Truck ScaleB-Tek Centurion truck scale with full portability frame and (2) integral reinforced bulkhead assemblies. Full length channel frame with lock-down tabs to tie the weighbridge and frame together for transport without disassembly of load cell mounts.
  • Survivor-ATV-portable-truck-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck ScaleThe SURVIVOR ATV truck scale contains all of the benefits of the SURVIVOR line all with the added feature of portability. The ATV features an extremely low 20-inch profile, and provides easy setup & expandability for road construction, timber operations and growing businesses where portability is a necessity.
  • cardinal-scale-run-a-weigh-portable-system.jpg
    Cardinal Scale Run-A-Weigh Portable ScaleRun-a-Weigh portable floor scale features 24.5 x 30 platform with easy-access integral ramps, built-in handles and wheels, lightweight 95 lb frame for easy mobility and use in multiple locations. Available in mild steel deck or wash down 304-grade stainless steel smooth deck. 500 lb and 1,000 lb capacities.
  • worldweigh-c100-parts-counting-scale
    WorldWeigh C100 Compact Bench Parts CounterThe WorldWEIGH C100 is the ideal choice for all your counting needs. Stainless steel weighing platform. ABS structure. Weight capacity from 5 to 100lb. Large LCD display. Capacities: 6, 12, 30, 60, 100 lbs. ABS housing Stainless steel weighing platter. Built-in rechargeable battery. Remote scale input (standard), (1) RS-232 serial port, Full numeric keypad, Three displays for simple operation.
  • Equipoise-Compact-Balance.jpg
    Rice Lake Equipoise Compact BalancesRice Lake Equipoise has perfect balance of features and value ideal for classrooms, laboratories and industrial applications. These seven-button balances allow quick access to 13 different units of measure, percentage, counting and accumulating.
  • adam-equipment-cpw-plus-portable-scale.jpg
    Adam Equipment CPWplus Weighing ScalesAdam Equipment CPWplus models are multi-purpose scales created for easy use. Featuring different options for units of measurement, portability, and an easy to read backlit indicator, the CPW-plus scales are durable and dependable for your every weighing need.
  • 2400kl-portable-wheelchair-scale.jpg
    HealthoMeter 2400KL Digital Portable Wheelchair ScaleHealth-O-Meter 2400KL Portable Wheelchair Scale has EMR Connectivity capability. Adjustable Wheel Tracks - rails expand and adjust from 25 3/4" to 50 1/8" to accommodate wheel base of all standard and bariatric wheelchairs providing flexibility of use. Scale folds and includes built-in handle for easy portability
  • awb-livestock-portable-weigh-beams.jpg
    AWB Series Portable Weigh BeamsAWB Weigh Bars Set of (2) load bars calibrated with digital weight indicator. These are probably the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. It includes 2 complete weigh bars, 2 quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery. Choice of length. Cap: 5000 lbs.
  • befour-ps6600-st-wrestling-scale.jpg
    Befour PS-6600 ST Portable ScaleThe nation’s top-selling sports scale. The Befour "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. This 16" x 18" scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb. $805.00
  • salter-ds1000-portable-drum-scale.jpg
    Brecknell DS1000 Portable Drum WeigherBrecknell DS1000 Portable Drum Weigher Scale featuring a powder coated rugged steel platform with a smooth top surface and built in ramps. Includes an SBI 100 indicator with 6 digit, red LED, easy to ready display. Capacity 1000 lbs
  • doran-pfs-portable-floor-scale.jpg
    Doran PFS Portable Floor ScaleThis floor scale is constructed of heavy gauge tubular stainless steel and features a 24" x 24" platter for plenty of weighing surface. Customize this portable floor scale with your choice of seven different digital weight indicators from the 7000XL digital weight indicator to the intrinsically safe 8000IS indicator.
  • inscale-portable-sub-frame-lp-series-deck
    Inscale Portable Scale Sub FramePortable Sub Frame Accessory for Inscale floor scales make transporting the 4x4 or 5x5 scales much easier. Accessory For 1K-10K Inscale LP Series Scale Bases
  • Deckhand.jpg
    Rice Lake DeckHand Portable ScaleRice Lake DeckHand Portable Scale is a mobile floor scale with indicator platform. Partnered with one of Rice Lake’s battery-operated indicators, such as the 380 Synergy, you have a clearly visible weight anywhere the scale is located.
  • rice-lake-digital-doctor-scale-150-10-7
    Rice Lake Portable Fitness Scale THE 150-10-7 Portable Fitness Scale provides the outstanding accuracy when weight is a critical factor. In wrestling programs, weight-loss centers and even health clubs, weight can determine membership fees or classification levels, therefore weight accuracy is very important.
  • rice-lake-rl1200-electromechanical-portable-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake RL1200 EM Electromechanical Portable Beam ScaleRice Lake Portable Beam Scales are cost-effective, cast-iron constructed scales designed to deliver the ultimate in portability and durability. Also NTEP approved and suitable for Legal for Trade applications, the RL1200 EM offers the added convenience of the 482 battery powered digital weight display.
  • inscale-floor-scale-portable-cart
    Inscale Floor Scale CartsAll welded structural steel construction. Low center of gravity and wide spaced wheels to reduce tipping. Priced with push handle, indicator mounting bracket, two 4” rigid, two 4” swivel phenolic wheels and locking foot brakes. (Cart Only, Base Sold Separate)
  • rice-lake-mobile-scale-cart
    Rice Lake MSC Mobile Scale CartRice Lake BenchMark MSC mobile scale cart is ideal for applications where bench scale portability is necessary. The cart is available in stainless or mild steel and is designed with two rigid and two swivel casters with locking wheel brakes. With an 18-inch stand to mount the weight indicator, weight readings will be easily visible to the operator.
  • rice-lake-pallet-jack-scale
    Rice Lake RL-HPJ Pallet Jack ScaleKeep your product moving in the warehouse without trying to find a stationary scale to weigh your pallet. Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with Rice Lake Weighing Systems RL-HPJ hand pallet jack scale. Item 183592. Cap: 5000 pounds.
  • intercomp-pt300-wheel-load-scale.jpg
    Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load ScaleIntercomp PT 300 Wheel Weigh Scales are digital wheel load scales designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 12" wide platform accommodates single tire (outside tire in dual wheel configuration).
  • intercomp-acii-aircraft-scales.jpg
    Intercomp ACII Aircraft Scale SystemIntercomp ACII™ Scales are a low cost and reliable scale system available to operators for weighing light aircraft to determine center of gravity. The low cost of this series offers complete justification for purchasing an ultra-efficient scale system versus outsourcing the work to an independent weighing service
  • PB-Series.jpg
    CAS PB Series Portable Bench ScaleThree capacities available from 150 to 500 lbs, the PB Series Portable Bench Scale from CAS Corporation is easy to carry with a detachable LCD Display. Print receipts with the optional DEP Receipt Printer. Use in hospitals, farmer's markets, health clubs, & many more applications. NTEP Legal for Trade
  • weigh-tronix-zp212-shipping-scale
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZP212 Shipping ScaleThe ZP212 parcel scale is suitable for standard day to day shipping for packages up to 200 pounds where size of the scale is a constraint in the shipping room. A Tare feature also provides for use in general weighing application.
  • ohaus-defender-3000-front-mount-portable-scale
    Ohaus Defender 3000 Portable ScaleThe OHAUS Defender 3000 Series scales with front mount display are ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, and shipping and receiving areas. Backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities, these scales are ready to take your operation to the next level
  • ohaus-defender-3000-drum-scale
    Ohaus Defender 3000 Drum ScaleOur drum scales come in 5 models with platform sizes ranging from 30 x 30 to 36 x 36 inch, and capacities ranging from 500 to 2500 lb, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your weighing needs. Epoxy paint finish, which means that the scale can stand up to heavy industrial use. A low-profile design with front and back access ramps.
  • ohaus-defender-3000-portable-scale-with-wheels.jpg
    Ohaus Defender 3000 Wheeled Bench ScalesOhaus Defender 3000 Wheeled Bench Scales are ideal for general industrial use in dry applications and feature a stainless steel pan, painted steel construction with a high-impact ABS indicator. For mobility, the scale base is mounted on four polyurethane wheels, and weighs in lb, oz, lb:oz, g or kg units.
  • pa-scale-co-drum-bunny
    Pennsylvania Drum Bunny Weigh & Roll ScalePennsylvania Scale Company Drum Bunny is a mobile weighing solution that is ideal for applications that require frequent assessment for accurate filling/inventory and movement from one location to another. With Drum Bunny, you simply place the drum or container on the weighing platform to weigh it while enjoying the added efficiency of moving it to its desired location.

Completely Portable vs. Heavy Duty

One of the challenges that exists when you are dealing with sourcing scales that are lightweight and easy to move is less durability. Use a bench scale as an example. If something is designed to be carried and be completely portable, it will likely be battery powered, lighter weight and possibly made out of aluminum versus a weighing scale that is designed to to be heavy duty and sit in one location and is likely made out of robust carbon steel. Of course, the goal with either scenario is accurate weight readings.