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Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales

In our modern world, anyone can use different phrases to describe certain products. For example let's talk about industrial scales. Some folks use that basic term to describe all sorts of scales. The problem is that many of the scales that are mentioned as being "industrial" are often manufactured out of plastic. Generally, when we use the terminology "industrial" we are referring to a cast iron or heavy duty scale. Every now and then we may include a plastic model but in our opinion most truly industrial scales are usually made out of some type of solid construction and designed to last you for many years of service. We offer a wide variety of these types of scales. They can usually help you with basic weighing tasks, count parts inventories, print labels etc... Contact us for a quote today (919) 776-7737

  • weigh-tronix-prodec-floor-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Industrial Floor Scale Avery Weigh-Tronix painted steel ProDec floor scale is tough, accurate, affordable and suitable for most industrial weighing applications. The steel top plate is welded to a steel support channel understructure, to keep the scale from warping and bending.
  • weigh-tronix-zm303-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM303 Digital Weight IndicatorAvery Weigh-Tronix ZM303 is a high performance indicator suitable for industrial applications. Includes a full numeric keypad, offers multi-connectivity, with Ethernet, RS232 and a USB Host port as standard and Analog output, USB device, Current Loop, RS485/RS422 and Wireless options available.
  • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-hd-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD truck scale is a heavy duty vehicle scale with a checkered steel deck driving surface. This rugged scale is ideal for users who require long-lasting performance for moderate to heavy traffic and axle loads. Cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of the Bridgemont design.
  • cardinal-190-storm-washdown-scale-indicator.jpg
    Cardinal 190 Storm Digital Weight IndicatorBuilt for extreme-use applications in the weighing industry, the Cardinal Scale 190 STORM IP69K-rated polycarbonate enclosure withstands high-temperature high-pressure wash downs. The 190 STORM features capacitive touch keys, 1-inch-high clearly visible LCD digits and versatile power options
  • cardinal-navigator-225-readout.jpg
    Cardinal 225 Navigator Digital Weight Indicator225 Navigator 240 x 64-pixel LCD, stainless steel IP66 washdown enclosure, 4 bi-directional RS232 serial ports, USB-B port, full QWERTY keypad, 4 soft keys, 13 function keys, navigation keys, 16 PWCs, ETR, 8 input control lines, 16 output control lines & 200 ID database. Supports upto 14 350-ohm load cells.
  • doran-2200cw-checkweigh-scale.jpg
    Doran 2200CW Check Weigher Scale SystemStore, recall, and weigh with the Doran Scales 2200CW database. This internal database will store up to 250 Checkweigh Tolerances, Tare Weights, Accumulation and Counter totals, and six-digit Product IDs. Recalling a product from the database is as simple as pressing the PROD button and entering the ID.
  • doran-8000xl-battery-powered-stainless-steel-scale.jpg
    Doran 8000XL Battery Power Stainless Steel ScaleDoran 8000XL stainless steel washdown scale features internal rechargeable battery and charger provides a simple-to-maintain scale that can fully charge the battery in five hours, even while the scale is being used. The basic controls are all here—Zero, Units, and Print, you can't get any simpler than that.
  • doran-mvp-industrial-bench-scale.jpg
    Doran MVP Mild Steel General Purpose ScaleA scale for every situation, Doran’s MVP Series Industrial Scales provide the flexibility to meet your most demanding weighing tasks. Choose from the basic indicator and base configuration or the complete stand alone system with the optional columns, wheel casters, or conveyor top.
  • Pennsylvania-7300-Shipping-Scale.jpg
    Pennsylvania 7300 Shipping ScalePennsylvania 7300 is not a cheap plastic office store shipping scale. Capacities from 2 lb, 5 lb, (8 x 8" platforms) to popular 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200 lbs models (12" x 14" platter) Standard Lbs/Kgs or choose any 2 weighing units. Programmable and flexible RS-232 (DB9) has settings for UPS WorldShip
  • pennsylvania-7500-counting-scale.jpg
    Pennsylvania 7500 Counting ScaleUtilizing PLUS+ series Main Board technology, the Pennsylvania 7500 counting scale features simple 4 button operation. User-friendly and highly productive, provide long accurate service. 4-Year Limited Warranty. 1:16 million internal counts, 10,0000 displayed weight graduations, rugged cast construction
  • pennsylvania-7600-industrial-counting-scale.jpg
    Pennsylvania 7600 Industrial Counting ScaleUtilizing PLUS+ series Main Board technology, the Pennsylvania 7600 counting scale features a full keypad. User-friendly and highly productive, provide long accurate service. 4-Year Limited Warranty. 1:16 million internal counts, 10,0000 displayed weight graduations, rugged cast construction
  • intercomp-cs1500-crane-scale.jpg
    Intercomp CS1500 Industrial Crane ScaleWith a large, easy-to-read LED display, the lineup of Intercomp CS1500 industrial crane scales are available in capacities up to 10,000 pounds, are NTEP certified, and offer best-in-class battery life. The scale comes standard with RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology enabling cable-free control & monitoring of scales. Also featured are USB/RS232 output, multi-scale communication, & a multitude of remote display options.
  • intercomp-pt300-wheel-load-scale.jpg
    Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load ScaleIntercomp PT 300 Wheel Weigh Scales are digital wheel load scales designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 12" wide platform accommodates single tire (outside tire in dual wheel configuration).
  • tufner-t918-pallet-jack-scales
    Tufner T918 Pallet Jack ScaleUnique and user friendly designed pallet truck scale. Reinforced construction for everyday use. Low profile and tapered forks for easy entry into pallets. Ergonomic full function handle for easy lifting, moving and weighing. Effortless steering on flat or uneven surfaces. Built-in NTEP approved load cells. NTEP approved 3,000 x 1 lb and 5,000 x 2 lbs versions. 120VAC 60 Hz AC adapter and rechargeable battery
  • 720i-Programmable-Controller.jpg
    Rice Lake 720i Programmable Indicator ControllerThe 720i from Rice Lake is an affordable path to gaining the function and ability of our more advanced intelligent indicators. From basic weighing and data collection to recipe formulation, inventory management and traceability, choose Rice Lake's 720i.
  • CW-90X-Checkweigher.jpg
    Rice Lake CW-90X Washdown CheckweigherFor heavy wash down environments and HACCP requirements, choose Rice Lake's CW-90X. The over/under CW-90X checkweigher features hermetically sealed load cells, 304 stainless steel construction, extra-strength piezo keypad, and an IP69K rating to survive daily sanitary washdowns.
  • rice lake counterpart counting scale
    Rice Lake Counterpart Configurable Parts CountingUnlike traditional counting scales, Counterpart uses Rice Lake’s simple configuration method to adjust to the parameters and resolution of any attached scale base, whether a floor scale, bench scale, or laboratory balance.
  • rice lake roughdeck he washdown stainless steel floor scale
    Rice Lake Roughdeck HE Hostile Environment Washdown Floor ScaleThe RoughDeck HE is a hostile environment, stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications. Design features include a 6-inch, 304 stainless steel channel frame and smooth top plate.
  • Roughdeck-Floor-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake Roughdeck HP Industrial Floor ScaleThe RoughDeck HP’s best-in-class features are enhanced to deliver more reliability and higher performance than ever before. Available in 1,000 to 10,000 lb capacities, the RoughDeck HP is the industry leader for precision weighing in Legal for Trade applications.
  • OTR-Steel-Deck-Truck-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck Truck ScaleFor applications where steel is preferred or downtime is critical, choose the SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck truck scale. Operational within a day, the easy-to-install SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design. Tightly spaced wide-flange I-beams facilitate weighing as many as 250 trucks per day
  • setra-super-count-electronic-scale
    Setra Super Count Series ScaleThe Setra Super Count couples the benefits of the Setra high resolution ceramic sensor with an intelligently designed, full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy, easy-to-use counting scale at a moderate price point. High Accuracy & Resolution. (3) RS232 Communication Ports. Versatile full-function keyboard.
  • cardinal-210-scale-indicator.jpg
    Cardinal 210 Storm Digital Weight IndicatorThe Cardinal Scale 210 weight indicator is loaded with features, including a stainless steel washdown enclosure, easy-to-read 0.6-in/15-mm high bright-red LED that displays weight to six digits, digital fill control, 25 single IDs, push-button Gross, Tare, Net conversion, flexible print formats, selectable weight units, alphanumeric keypad, tare, checkweighing, time and date, livestock weighing functions.
  • b-tek endurance AT Truck Scale
    B-Tek Endurance-AT Truck ScaleB-TEK Endurance-AT was developed by leveraging years of experience in truck scale design, innovation and fabrication. The Endurance-AT balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overall affordability. The Endurance-AT is a perfect fit for commercial manufacturing, light industrial and seasonal farming applications.
  • btek-clydesdale-industrial-pallet-weigh-scale.jpg
    B-Tek Clydesdale Industrial Floor ScaleThe B-Tek Clydesdale floor scale is designed for use in variety of applications. The scale is available (non-trade approved) with a platform size from 1.5' x 1.5' to 10' x 10' 500 to 30,000 lbs. NTEP (trade approved) platform sizes range from 2' x 2' to 8' x 10' with capacities from 500 to 20,000 lbs.
  • cardinal-smartcell-digital-truck-scales
    Cardinal Armor Portable Truck Scale with Digital SmartCellsCardinal Scale ARMOR Portable Digital Truck Scale can be moved to multiple locations for changing job sites. Their modular design with expandable bulkheads allow you to vary platform sizes depending on weighing needs. The floating center module makes it easy to add or remove sections to fit application requirements. The ARMOR Portable is ideal for logging, sand and gravel pits, and quarries.
  • doran-4300-stainless-steel-checkweigh-scale.jpg
    Doran 4300 Checkweigh Scale304 Stainless Steel construction and the exclusive, innovative Doran gasket design exceeds IP69K and NEMA 4X classifications for washdown protection. Set over/under tolerances right from the front panel using the Up/Down arrow buttons. Checkweigh with 3- or 5-zone checkweighing operations.
  • CLS-920i-Forklift-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake CLS Series Cargo Lift ScaleKeep your product moving with Rice Lake's CLS-920i and CLS-680 Cargo Lift Scale. The CLS mounts directly to any class II or III lift truck, saving material handling time and money. The indicator easily installs using either wired and wireless methods & added diagnostic and programmable features of a powerful 920i indicator or the simplicity of the 680.
  • rice-lake-pallet-jack-scale
    Rice Lake RL-HPJ Pallet Jack ScaleKeep your product moving in the warehouse without trying to find a stationary scale to weigh your pallet. Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with Rice Lake Weighing Systems RL-HPJ hand pallet jack scale. Item 183592. Cap: 5000 pounds.

We Sell and Stock Heavy Duty Scales.

We don't have tens of thousands of material handling items in our catalog. We specialize in scales. If you call us or email us we can help you as opposed to others who only know the products based on what SKU# or catalog item number. At Central Carolina Scale, our selection of heavy duty scales are perfect for your warehouse or distribution center. When you have the proper weighing equipment in place you'll be more efficient and have more accurate results, whether its parts inventory or just check weighing a pallet that came in via LTL freight. Our selection of industrial scales includes everything from a simple bench scale to a legal for trade floor scale. We also offer crane scales and electronic counting scales. If you're in the market for mechanical scales with a dial we can get those for you but most customers prefer the easy to read digital versions instead.

How does that saying go? You get what you pay for.

We all know there is some truth to that statement, right? If you're in a rugged industrial environment like a warehouse or distribution center, then you know that only the most durable and well engineered accurate scale equipment can truly stand up to the tough conditions day in and day out. Our selection of products from Avery Weigh-Tronix, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Doran Scales, Intercomp Company, Pennsylvania Scale Company, and Rice Lake Weighing Systems are synonymous with accurate and reliable weighing solutions in various industries from chemical, food service, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics, etc...