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Compact balances provide accurate results and take up little space. For low-resolution weighing in grams, compact and/or portable balances offer the convenience of small size and mobility. These models are not typically intended for high-volume usage but can provide very accurate weight readings while not breaking the bank. Many of these are fairly portable battery powered gram scales which are great for things like going out in the field for environmental research studies. These scientific scales are usually economically priced, in many cases below $500 and great for things like weighing ingredients for soapmaking, accurate reloading gunpowder weighing, or checking your child's pinewood derby and awana cars which usually have a 5 ounce weight limit. At Central Carolina Scale we've been providing these gram scales for decades to customers just like you. One step up from these scales would typically be the precision balances. We usually recommend brands like A&D, Brecknell and Ohaus Scales.

  • TC-Series-Balance.jpg
    Rice Lake TC Series Toploader BalancesThe simple, straightforward design of Rice Lakeís TC Series creates for an effortless user experience. Equipped with the unique Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS), this balance series brings remarkable response time and exceptional stability to any setting.
  • Equipoise-Compact-Balance.jpg
    Rice Lake Equipoise Compact BalancesRice Lake Equipoise has perfect balance of features and value ideal for classrooms, laboratories and industrial applications. These seven-button balances allow quick access to 13 different units of measure, percentage, counting and accumulating.
  • AnD-FX-i.jpg
    A&D Weighing FZ-i Precision BalanceThe A&D FZ-i Series, with internal calibration, incorporates the Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS), which provides rapid weighing response coupled with high precision measurement. Simple one-touch operation ensures the accuracy of the balance.
  • AnD-EKi.jpg
    A&D Weighing Everest Compact Balance EK-i & EW-i SeriesThe popular A&D Engineering EK-i and EW-i compact balance series provides a wide selection of capacities and resolutions. Its versatile features include full digital calibration and a large LCD display with backlight. Its small footprint, optional carrying case, and optional rechargeable NiCd battery make it convenient
  • AnD-EJ-series.jpg
    A&D Weighing Newton Compact Balance EJ SeriesThe EJ "Newton" precision compact balances offer a multitude of features for a diverse variety of weighing applications. The Newton provides the performance that users have come to expect from A&D Weighing.
  • sartorius-practum-lab-balance.jpg
    Sartorius (Minebea Intec) Practum Basic Laboratory BalanceGet best value for your money, without compromises in precision and reliability. You canít go wrong with the Sartorius Practum. Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability ensured by Sartorius quality and technology developed in Germany. Practumģ has everything you need for standard applications.
  • ohaus-navigator-weighing-balance.jpg
    Ohaus Navigator BalanceOHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented digital scales, once again. The NAVIGATOR series offers a best-in-class combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. NTEP and Measurement Canada models now available.
  • ohaus-scout-gram-balance
    Ohaus Scout Portable BalanceDesigned for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the OHAUS Scout is easy to use. STX has informative color touchscreen display (first ever portable balance with touchscreen), while the SPX features large backlit LCD display with digits 20% larger than other laboratory balances.
  • adam-solis-lab-balance
    Adam Equipment Solis BalanceThe Adam Solis is ideal for research and quality assurance labs; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications needing precision results. Users can readily view the comprehensive data on the amply sized graphic display. A multilingual display capability permits use of the balance in various regions.