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Digi Scale

Digi Scales are well known for digital counting scales for parts and coins. DIGI provides innovative products that revolutionize business operations for our customers worldwide. Guided by invaluable input from and direct observation of its customers in various markets, they create and develop new concept products contributing to their customers' businesses. This commitment to the creation of innovative products and new markets is best expressed by their corporate slogan, "Searching for a New Balance," which has guided the company since its founding in 1934. DIGI has successfully created new value and established new standards in a growing array of industries for our customers around the world. By breaking the balance of conventional common sense and envisioning new directions, they have created opportunities of growth and groundbreaking products such as the world's first electronic price computing scale.
  • DC-788-Parts-Counting-Scale.jpg
    Digi DC-788 Industrial Counting ScaleThe DIGI DC-788 is an economical counting scale that continuously exceeds performance expectations. With a capacity of up to 100 pounds and an optional rechargeable battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous usage.
  • DC-782.jpg
    Digi DC-782 Parts Counting ScalesThe Digi DC-782 is a low cost counting scale that offers practical solutions for a full range of counting applications. Its counting resolution of 1/500,000 gives you maximum counting precision and accuracy. Its backlit LCD display enables operators to easily see weights and quantities.
  • DMC-782-Coin-Counter.jpg
    Digi DMC-782 Coin Counting ScaleFor businesses that use heavy volumes of coins or tokens we offer the DIGI DMC-782 Coin Counting Scale. This unit is the new and improved version of the old reliable DMC-688. Save time and improve accuracy with a keypad thatís labeled for quickly counting different coin types.
  • 120-Bench-Scale.jpg
    Digi Bench Scale & 120 Indicator PackageThe DIGI Bench Scale and Indicator Combination provides the durability of DIGI's bench scales with the ultimate readability of a user-friendly indicator. Toggle between multiple units of measurement. The generous platform size and capacity availability ranging from 150 to 500 lb.
  • Summit-3000-Platform-Scale.jpg
    Digi Summit 3000 Floor ScaleDigi Summit 3000 Floor Scale is an economical choice for industrial weighing tasks, with a durable low-profile deck that fits well into many material handling environments. Available in 3x3, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6 and 5x5 sizes. Capacities from 2000 lbs to 10,000 lbs.
  • Summit-3000-Floor-Scale-Package.jpg
    Digi Summit 3000 Low-Profile 4x4 Floor Scale PackageDigi Summit 3000 Floor Scale and Indicator Package is an economical choice for industrial weighing tasks, with a durable low-profile deck. This Legal for Trade scale comes factory calibrated with easy-to-use Digital Weight Display and 20 feet of load cell cable.
  • Digi-Scale-Base.jpg
    Digi Bench Scale BasesThe DIGI Bench Scale Bases are designed for endurance. Shock-resistant load cells withstand damage from harsh loading and include platform corner support. Multiple mid-size base dimensions and capacities are available.
  • digi-dc400-precision-counting-scale
    Digi DC-400 Precision Counting ScaleThe Digi DC-400 is a precision counting scale that functions like a dual-platform unit, allowing operators to sample and count on the same platform.
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