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Doran Medical Scales are built with quality and performance. Over 30 years ago, Doran Scales, Inc. created the Digital Electronic Washdown Safe Scale market. The Doran product line, for the first time, solved the need of food processors who required a durable, yet accurate scale to assist in portioning and packaging product. Likewise, the Doran Medical lineup from Central Carolina Scale provides a durable and reliable solution for the medical field. Choose either the digital physician scale or the mechanical physician scale, either way you'll be purchasing a Doran Medical scale with unique features designed to protect your patient's health and reduce errors. Doran Scales is the one you can count on to provide accurate information for your pediatric patients. The digital baby scales are available in several different configurations. Accuracy, patient safety, and portability have all been engineered into Doran's digital handrail scale. The ultimate in versatility and portability, the Doran wheelchair scale can be also be used as a handrail or bariatric scale.
  • doran-medical-ds5100-digital-doctors-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS5100 Digital Physician Scale Todayís busy physicianís office needs Doranís DS5100 Digital Physicianís Scale that provides a faster and easier way to weigh and measure patients accurately. With Doranís Touchless Start feature, you can acquire a patientís weight in as little as two seconds without any buttons to press. Cap: 500 lb
  • doran-medical-ds2100-doctor-office-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS2100 Mechanical Physician Scale Capability without complexity describes the Doran Medical DS2100 mechanical beam scale. This scale provides an easier way to measure height and weight of patients in a hospital, medical office, school or healthcare facility. The DS2100 has a weighing capacity of 450 lbs. Includes wheels and height rod.
  • doran-medical-ds9100-wheelchair-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS9100 Wheelchair ScaleThe ultimate in versatility and portability, the Doran DS9100 Wheelchair Scale can serve as a wheelchair scale as well as a handrail stand-on scale. To transport, the DS9100 folds & rolls effortlessly on 4 casters. DS9100 easily unfolds with built-in hydraulic assistance, & two latches hold the indicator mast in place.
  • doran-medical-ds7100-handrail-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS7100 Handrail ScaleAccuracy, patient safety, and portability have all been engineered into the Doran DS7100 Handrail Scale. Moving the scale from room to room takes very little effort, as the scale only weighs 30 pounds. Simply tilt the scale back on the two built-in, non-marking wheels and roll the scale to its new destination.
  • doran-medical-ds8030-portable-fold-up-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS8030 Portable Fold-up Wheelchair ScaleDoran DS8030 portable digital wheelchair scale offers a large, low-profile base that makes weighing patients fast and easy. The weighing platform is constructed of heavy gauge painted steel and is sheathed with a textured, heavy-duty composite plastic cover that provides an anti-skid surface for maximum safety.
  • doran-medical-ds6150-portable-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS6150 Portable ScaleEMR ready, affordably priced, Doran DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale satisfies a variety of applications with a versatile design. Whether your application is a physicianís office, acute care or visiting home nurse, the DS6150 can meet your needs. 110VAC/battery power. 15" W x 12" Capacity: 500 x 0.2 lbs
  • doran-medical-ds4100-infant-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS4100 Infant ScaleDesigned for portability and accuracy, the Doran DS4100 is the perfect choice for a traveling nurse or a pediatric office. Light enough for visiting nurses, yet stable and reliable enough for busy pediatric or family practices. DS4100 baby scales features a one-piece, easy to sanitize design that is sturdy and lightweight.