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Emery Winslow Scales

Emery Winslow Scales

Emery Winslow has provided scales to weigh almost every imaginable item, from nitroglycerine to tomato paste, railroad cars to mail bags, chicken parts to killer whales, sausage mix to Boeing 777 aircraft, and everything in between. Since 1868 Emery Winslow has been manufacturing durable industrial scale products, with particular emphasis on harsh environment applications. Whether your business is food or chemicals, air cargo, steel production, pharmaceutical, sand and gravel, feed and grain or any other industry, we have a scale that will last a lifetime. Popular products include: Series 10, Series 20, Series 40, Series 80, Series 90, Weigh Squares, Floor Scales

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    Emery Winslow Hyweigh Series 40Emery Winslow Hyweigh Series 40, Pit Scale, Steel or Concrete Deck Hydraulic Truck Scale. Rigid-grid diamond plate steel panel design, Designed for heavy-duty use as found in DOT Highway Weigh Stations and County Transfer Stations, I-beam bridge design Hydrostatic load cells

An Uncommonly Effective Technology for Difficult Weighing Applications

HYTRONIC™ technology, an Emery Winslow exclusive, combines state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation with virtually indestructible hydrostatic load cell weight sensing for a system with no electronics in the area of greatest potential abuse - the scale platform. HYTRONIC™ design allows the sealed hydrostatic weight signals to be transmitted to a clean, controlled area where the signals are totalized and converted into a single electronic signal, which in turn drives the scale's digital weight indicator.

The system schematics appear to be similar. The significant difference is the placement of the summing network. In a typical HYTRONIC™ weigh system, the summing network (hereafter referred to as the Summing Totalizer) is located in a protected environment, such as, a control room or scale house. The electronic load cell summing network (referred to as the summing board) is located along with the electronic load cells in the same environment endured by the-load receiving element.

In an electronic weigh system, the electronic load cells, cabling and summing boards ARE environmentally sensitive. In a HYTRONIC™ weigh system, the load cells and tubing ARE NOT environmentally sensitive. The first environmentally sensitive component in the HYTRONIC™ weigh system is the electronic transducer, a Summing Totalizer component. By placing the Summing Totalizer away from the scale load receiving element and remote from hostile environment, it is secure against damage and defective performance.


The ability to neutralize the effects of the environment upon weigh system environmentally sensitive components is a major advantage of HYTRONICS.

Warranty Information

Here is the warranty info on EW as we have been told. For brand new scales, Emery Winslow's unique load cells have a lifetime warranty against water and electrical damage only. They have up to 10 years against normal wear and tear. For older scales: if you put a new load cell in a 20 year old truck scale for example, the load cell only has a 2 year limited warranty and is pro rated each year.