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Pennsylvania 7600E Digital Weight Indicator

Pennsylvania 7600E Digital Weight Indicator

Pennsylvania 7600E digital weight indicators are ideal for Truck Scales or Batching Systems with convenient I/O connections and Menu Driven batching sequences or 300 Truck Tare memories with menu-selected Print Sequences. Great replacement for UMC 600 or IQ700.


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POWER & FLEXIBILITY – The 7600E adapts to the most demanding applications with a wide range of outputs, options, and features. No need for expensive programming or expensive set-up. The 7600E is one of the easiest to use, easiest to install, easiest to live with indicators available today. In addition to the remote display capabilities, the indicator can be connected to a Video Text Inserter to make a video record of the weight on the CCTV camera you have may have mounted over the truck scale. The 7600E available from Central Carolina Scale is great for metal recycle centers who need to show video proof of a customer and the scale weight.

• (2) Programmable Serial Data Ports standard
• 300 Truck IN/OUT Tare Memories
• Smart Serial™ Setup programmable serial data strings
• Calibration designed specifically for Batching/Truck Scales
• Optional Analog Output (4-20 mA/0-10 VDC)
• Optional Digital Relay I/O with menu driven

Pennsylvania 7600E weight indicator

Batching features
• Drives up to (8) 350 ohm or (10) 1000 ohm load cells
• Proven PLUS+ Series Main Board fits all Pennsylvania brand products
• ESD and RFI shielding are standard
• Stainless Steel enclosure with U-bracket mount standard

TRUCK SCALE APPLICATIONS: 300 Tare Weight memories and IN/OUT program plus menu-selectable ticket formats make the 7600E the obvious choice. 10 point linearization and tweak mode for calibrating convenience. Two separate digital outputs for printers and scoreboards plus optional relay alarms for truck-on-scale, overload warnings and more.

BATCHING SYSTEMS: Preprogrammed manual or automatic batch programs with menu set-up. (4) Relay outputs for (2) setpoint targets with pre-act. (4) convenient terminal inputs permit control of batch functions. Choose either solid state or dry contract relay outputs.

BENCH & FLOOR PLATFORMS: Keyboard Tare entry plus storage by ID# for up to 300 Tare Weights. Two independent digital outputs for printers, remote displays, scoreboards, control I/O. Fully expandable for future requirements. SS Nema 4-X enclosure with convenient U-Bracket mount.

IDEAL REPLACEMENT INDICATOR — grams to tons, designed specifically for fast, seamless installation in a wide variety of replacement applications as well as new installations.

• Analog Output: 16 bit D/A, select 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA
• Wide range of Standard and Custom software options (Contact Factory)
• OEM Package for control panel or door mounting integration


  Great replacement choice for the UMC600 or IQ700 weight indicators.

Easy basic calibration
Convenient access to all connections from the back
Panel mount version fits same EXACT cut out opening
SSR Solid State Relay option has EXACT same menu driven options – only difference is 7600E uses solid state relays
300 truck in/out memories
2 independent RS-232’s – drive a scoreboard and a printer or 2 external devices
RS-485 on the board as well



Also Available:

7600E DB (SS enclosure)  and 7600E DBPM (panel mount) models.  The power & flexibility for demanding applications with two remote base inputs to display weight of base 1, base 2, or both bases summed together!  Applications for this type of indicator would be: Axle Weighing, Tanks with multiple tank monitoring, Batching systems: Platform, Tank and hopper and OEM applications with control systems.