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Digital Weight Indicator for Truck Scales

Vehicle Scale Indicators

When it comes to vehicle scales, you really need to use certain types of digital weight indicators in order to fully appreciate the features that the scale can offer. For example, in many truck scale applications, the ability to store truck ID numbers is paramount. We often call this truck storage or truck in/out functionality. Many times it also makes sense to utilize a vehicle scale indicator that has two independent serial ports. Most of these feature a stainless steel enclosure.

  • cardinal-waterproof-truckscale-kiosk.jpg
    Cardinal Satellite Weatherproof Truck Scale KioskCardinal Scale Satellite unattended weighing kiosks provide the ultimate experience in unmanned truck scale efficiency and streamlined data integration. The lockable, weather-proof enclosure features an articulating arm to retract the kiosk away from truck traffic when its not in use.
  • cardinal-825-spectrum-scale-controller.jpg
    Cardinal 825 Spectrum Digital Weight Indicator825 Spectrum full-color 640 x 480 pixel LCD touchscreen display, stainless steel enclosure, 64 MB memory, 4 bi-directional RS232 serial ports, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, 3 USB ports, 8 programmable operators, Gross/Tare/Net conversion, QWERTY keypad & navigation keys. NTEP. Supports up to 14 load cells.
  • cardinal-navigator-225-readout.jpg
    Cardinal 225 Navigator Digital Weight Indicator225 Navigator 240 x 64-pixel LCD, stainless steel IP66 washdown enclosure, 4 bi-directional RS232 serial ports, USB-B port, full QWERTY keypad, 4 soft keys, 13 function keys, navigation keys, 16 PWCs, ETR, 8 input control lines, 16 output control lines & 200 ID database. Supports upto 14 350-ohm load cells.
  • btek-dd2050-truckscale-kiosk
    B-TEK DD 2050 Self Service Weighing TerminalThe B-Tek DD 2050 comes pre-loaded with standard in-out software and is NTEP approved for your legal for trade applications. Available in digital or analog.
  • btek-dd-series-weight-terminal
    B-Tek DD Series IndicatorsB-Tek DD Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with the measuring requirements of a weighing instrument. Combines extensive standard hardware, customized programming and a Windows Embedded operating system. Whether it’s weighing, process control or managing an inventory system, the DD Line will simplify your business!
  • btek-d70es-scale-controller
    B-Tek D70ES Digital Weight IndicatorThe D70ES is one of the most versatile indicators in it's class. It possesses the power to deliver simple and advanced functions across a vast array of applications, all while being extremely easy to program and operate. Inclusive of powerful functions such as Truck I/O, its one of the only indicators in its class that fits most needs on everything from bench to floor to truck scales.
  • avery-weigh-tronix-zm305-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM305 Multi-function Weight IndicatorAWTX ZM305 weight indicator is ideal for floor scales, batching, vessels and for in motion conveyors. The ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound model is ideal for use with Truck Scales and offers users the ability to store Gross, Tare and Net weights against up to 1000 vehicle IDs, providing inbound/outbound weighing.
  • 920i-Programmable-Controller.jpg
    Rice Lake 920i Programmable Scale ControllerRice Lake's weight display selection is led by the impressive and adaptable 920i, delivering more features, more programmability, and more power for your process. Choose from our universal, panel mount, or wall-mount style.
  • 720i-Programmable-Controller.jpg
    Rice Lake 720i Programmable Indicator ControllerThe 720i from Rice Lake is an affordable path to gaining the function and ability of our more advanced intelligent indicators. From basic weighing and data collection to recipe formulation, inventory management and traceability, choose Rice Lake's 720i.
  • pennsylvania-scale-co-7600e-truck-scale-weight-indicator
    Pennsylvania 7600E Digital Weight IndicatorPennsylvania 7600E digital weight indicators are ideal for Truck Scales or Batching Systems with convenient I/O connections and Menu Driven batching sequences or 300 Truck Tare memories with menu-selected Print Sequences. Great replacement for UMC 600 or IQ700.
  • ohaus-t72xw-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Ohaus T72XW Digital Weight IndicatorOhaus T72XW Indicator embodies advanced performance with external control functionality. Features Include Multiple connectivity interfaces: I/O interface, USB or ethernet ports, Advanced applications with intuitive navigation: alphanumeric keypad, Customized tools for user friendly experience
  • rice-lake-682-synergy-plus-weight-indicator
    Rice Lake 682 Synergy Plus Digital Weight IndicatorRice Lake Weighing Systems Synergy 682 Plus indicator features bright, LCD graphical display, Stainless steel, IP69-rated enclosure, RS-232, RS-485, USB, ethernet, fieldbus, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® communication, Built-in web server for easy remote monitoring and control & Truck in/out mode.