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Precisa Balances

Precisa Balances

For more than 70 years Swiss engineers at Precisa Gravimetrics AG have been honing their craft, developing their designs and refining their manufacturing techniques to ultimately produce a balance range like no other. At Precisa, engineers have maintained close cooperation with universities, technical colleges, colleges of applied science and laboratory professionals the world over, to ensure that product innovations meet the latest technological requirements. Precisa instruments contain the features necessary to perform tests accurately and record results simply and efficiently.

The force-compensating measuring cell developed by Precisa is characterized by outstanding precision and durability. The cell is manufactured by hand to meet the strict demands that automated cell production cannot fulfill. The self-calibrating system developed by Precisa enables true automated balance calibration. The function features a programmable temperature and/or timer function which ensures that your instrument is always calibrated precisely for compliance with GLP requirements. Data can be transferred easily to systems within your laboratory via a USB or serial interface (LIMS). Precisa’s new, advanced insert technology, featuring the slide-in module, provides a range of connection options. The interchangeable inserts assure connection to future communication technologies.

The lineup of Precisa Balances are listed in 3 different categories. Executive Pro, highest performance available. Laboratory Superior Standard, high build quality, excellent performance to specification. Laboratory Prime, Solid Performance with good characteristics.

  • precisa-executive-pro-semi-micro-lab-balance.jpg
    Precisa Executive Pro Semi-Micro BalanceExecutive Pro Semi-Micro Laboratory Balance with Force Compensation By Precisa includes intuitive graphic interface, IR Automatic Sensor Draft Shield, integrated Applications. SCS Self-Calibration System. RS-232 / USB Interface. Optional: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking. Made in Switzerland. 125 and 225 gram capacity.
  • precisa-executive-pro-analytical-balance.jpg
    Precisa Executive Pro Analytical BalancesExecutive Pro Analytical Force Compensation balance By Precisa features Intuitive Graphic Interface, IR Automatic Sensor Draft Shield, integrated Applications. SCS Self-Calibration System. Standard: RS-232 / USB Interface. Optional: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking. Capacity 120 grams to 520 grams.
  • precisa-executive-pro-moisture-analysis-balance.jpg
    Precisa Executive Pro Moisture Analysis BalancePrecisa is settings new standards in the area of high-end moisture analysis. The EM 120-HR provides 0.0001g weight readability, 0.001% moisture measurement, and 3 heater options – combined with ease of use and sophisticated customizing features. Ideal for advanced laboratory analysis GLP/GMP/ ISO lab
  • precisa-executive-pro-high-precision-balance.jpg
    Precisa Executive Pro High Precision BalancePrecisa Executive Pro High Precision Force Compensation Balance features Integrated Applications, SCS Self-Calibration System, Standard: RS-232 / USB Interface. Optional: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking. Optional Communication Slide-in Modules. Capacities from 320 grams to 2220 grams.
  • precisa-laboratory-superior-standard-analytical-balance.jpg
    Precisa Laboratory Superior Analytical BalancePrecisa Laboratory Superior Standard Force Compensation balances feature Vacuum Fluorescent Display, User-Defined Settings, SCS Self-Calibration System and RS-232 / USB Interface. The LS models are finely honed to offer precision results, yet built to withstand tough conditions in industrial applications
  • precisa-laboratory-superior-high-precision-balance.jpg
    Precisa Laboratory Superior Precision BalancePrecisa Laboratory Superior Standard Precision balances feature Force Compensation, Vacuum Fluorescent Display, User-Defined Settings, SCS Self-Calibration System, RS-232 / USB Interface. Swiss designed technology and Swiss robust build quality make this the reliability standard of the industry.
  • precisa-laboratory-prime-analytical-balance.jpg
    Precisa Laboratory Prime Analytical BalancePrecisa Laboratory Prime Standard Force Compensation Analytical balances designed, temperature compensated and inspected in Switzerland, these rugged series are built to withstand the rigors of tough industrial conditions. These versatile machines deliver results – simply.
  • precisa-h-series-micro-balance
    Precisa H Series Semi-Micro Analytical BalancesWhat if we took our powerful and sensitive ultra-weighing system and approached it with the familiarity and intuitiveness of modern touch-screen tablet? What if we designed a balance where every feature and application was as easy to access as applications on your smart phone? Well, we did with the H Series from Precisa...