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Printers - Ribbons

At Central Carolina Scale we not only offer a wide selection of printers and serial cables for your scales but we also carry ticket tape, labels, receipt paper, replacement printer ribbons and ink cartridges and a selection of printer parts and accessories as well.

Cardinal 740 Ribbon
740 Ribbon standard
740 Ribbon with Blue Guide

SP2200 & SP2000 Ticket Printer
20308 Black ink cartridge

TicketPress™ Ticket Printer
128031 Black ribbon cartridge
132405 Purple ribbon cartridge

IDS-150A & IDS-152 Ticket Printer
20440 Purple ink ribbon

IDS-160 Tape Printer
20447 Purple ink ribbon

Epson® TM-U295 Ticket Printer
29584 Purple ink cartridge
29583 Black ink cartridge

Epson TM-U200/TM-U220 & TM-300 Tape Printer
31296 Purple ink cartridge

Epson TM-U590 Ticket Printer
68525 Purple ink cartridge

Citizen CBM-750 Tape Printer
41902 Red/black ribbon cartridge

Okidata 184 Turbo & 320 Line Printer
20664 Ribbon cartridge

DH4000 & Toledo 8806A & Fairbanks 50-3925 Tape Printer
20428 Purple ribbon cartridge (no plastic guide)

Star® SP298, SP2320 & SP2520 Ticket Printer
69921 Purple ribbon cartridge

Star SP349 & SP312 Tape Kiosk Printer
69920 Purple ribbon cartridge

Star DP8340 Tape Printer
20447 Purple ribbon cartridge

Star SP700 Tape Printer
103728 Black ribbon cartridge

EXTECH 2000i Tape Printer
87387 Purple ribbon cartridge

NCI 1200 Printer Accessories
22332-0029 Std Blk Ribbon (IMP 24, 56, 122X, 125X)
22332-0011 Std Purple Ribbon (IMP 24, 56, 122X, 125X)

720014810-02 Handi-pak (2 Ribbons, 4 Lg paper rolls)

Don’t see a ribbon or paper roll you need? Email us the manufacturer name and model of the printer and we will try to find a price and lead time for you.