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Rice Lake IQ Plus 590-DC Battery Power Digital Weight Indicator

The compact size of this highly functional weight indicator is a plus for crowded industrial areas. The IQplus 590-DC with full keypad operation for easy configuration and calibration. Operate on either battery or AC power and provide the flexibility of a counting mode.


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The IQ plus 590-DC digital weight indicator with full keypad takes portability to a whole new level. Running on C-cell alkaline batteries, this handy indicator allows operation in practically any location. This indicator tops its rivals in ease of use and performance. It features a battery life in excess of 300 hours, and a unique configurable standby mode that conserves battery power. The IQ plus 590-DC has a superior battery life of over 300 hours, meaning weeks or months of worry free operation! And with a stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure, you can rely on top performance in any environment. It's the perfect solution for outdoor weighing systems, portable warehouse scales, and material handling applications. The IQ plus 590-DC's prominent LCD display shows up to six numerals in large one-inch digits for easy character recognition. When left idle, the unit prolongs battery life by using a configurable standby mode.



•NEMA 4X/IP66–rated stainless steel enclosure
•Large 1" (24.5 mm), six–digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
•6–button operation
•Power for four 350 ohm load cells or eight 700 ohm load cells
•Configurable units multiplier
•Supports 4– and 6–wire load cell connections
•EDP port for full duplex, RS–232 communications
•Powered by 6 “C” cell alkaline batteries for complete portability (batteries not included)
•AC adapter for 115 or 230 VAC power
•Configurable standby mode that saves battery life
•RATTLETRAP® three–stage digital filtering
•Piece count mode

52485: IQ plus 590-DC battery powered with 230 VAC wall adapter
52486: IQ plus 590-DC, battery powered with 115 VAC wall adapter
66728: IQ plus 590-DC, CE marked (voltage adapter sold separately)