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Load Cells - Simulators

Load Cells - Simulators

Load Cell Simulators are a must have tool for the troubleshooting and calibration of electronic weight indicators. These devices simulate the signal of a load cell under a range of load conditions. We offer several different simulator models varying in function and capability.
  • rice-lake-ranger-7-loadcell-simulator.jpg
    Rice Lake Ranger 7 High Res Load Cell SimulatorThe Rice Lake Weighing Ranger 7 is the simulator of choice for precision testing. Designed for applications that require high resolutions, it features a switchable offset and two Vernier controls, along with switches that go down to 0.01mV/V.
  • Ranger-5-Simulator.jpg
    Rice Lake Ranger 5 Calibration SimulatorThe Rice Lake Weighing Systems Ranger 5 is a full-functioning simulator, well suited for more advanced troubleshooting and calibration needs.
  • Ranger-3-Simulator.jpg
    Rice Lake Ranger 3 SimulatorThe Rice Lake Ranger 3 simulator is well suited for calibration needs, offering nine fixed intervals from -5 to +4.5 mv/V.
  • Ranger-1-Load-Cell-Simulator.jpg
    Rice Lake Ranger 1 SimulatorRice Lake's most economically priced simulator meets the needs of basic indicator troubleshooting and testing. The Ranger 1 gives a variable range output of 0-3 mv/V.
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