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Brecknell DSB Floor Scale Systems

Brecknell DSB Floor Scale Systems

The Brecknell DSB platform scale system meets the demand for a quality brand name floor scale at a market price that is competitive with all legitimate platform scale providers. Calibrated to SBI-505 readout and choice of 4x4 or 5x5 sizes. 5000 or 10,000 pound capacity. NTEP legal for trade.


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Calibrated with SBI-505 Digital Weight Indicator

pay less for floor scales when you choose a DSB from Salter Brecknell Weighing Products

From basic industrial weighing applications such as shipping and receiving packages, bulk loading, and counting the DSB floor scale system from Brecknell Scales is an ideal and affordable solution. designed to provide you with a durable, accurate and affordable solution to industrial weighing in locations like warehouses. The Brecknell DSB platform system meets the demand for a quality "name brand" scale at a market price that is competitive with all platform providers.

The DSB4848-05 4x4 5000 lb capacity floor scale from Brecknell Scales is NTEP certified Class lll legal-for-trade and includes welded channels on the underside for outstanding durability and protection. Each corner of the deck includes a NTEP shear beam load cell and adjustable foot. The system comes complete with the SBI-505 digital indicator calibrated to the floor scale. The digital indicator features Time and Date, RS-232 serial port, easy to read LED display, Count & Total, Checkweigher function, and displays weight in pounds or kilograms. NOW AVAILABLE IN EVEN MORE POPULAR CAPACITY & SIZES!


The DSB series is no longer offered by Brecknell.  However, be sure to contact us and we can get you the equivalent items in various sizes and capacities.  Call (919) 776-7737 for details.



digital weight readout
Brecknell DSB platform scale system
Indicator rides safely inside deck for safe shipping
heavy duty channels under scale
adjustable feet
Heavy Duty Structure
Load Cell and Adustable foot on each corner



* DSB platform scale system comes standard with the SBI-505 indicator
* Capacities Available: 2500 lb, 5000 lb, or 10,000 lb.
* Sizes available include 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5
* Legal for Trade: NTEP certified at 5000 divisions, Class lll
* Finish: Gray powder coat paint
* Load Cells: Four alloy steel potted
* RS-232: Standard serial string with time and date
* Indicator Functions: Check weighing, count, weight, total and print
* Platform Construction: Rugged thick safety tread top plate with heavy duty welded wide channel supports
* Versatile Indicator: For many applications including shipping, counting, totalizing and check weighing
* Mild steel J-box with 15 ft stainless steel braided interface cable


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"Lesser" 4x4 Scales
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NTEP Approved Legal for Trade
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Some NTEP, quite a few NON NTEP
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3 Year Warranty backed by Avery Weigh-Tronix of Fairmont, MN U.S.A.
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1, 2, 3, 30 yr etc... but who supports the warranty, the manufacturer in China?
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Manual you can read (in English!)
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Deck built to AWTX standards.
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Deck built somewhere overseas in a factory. No two decks exactly the same.
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Dealer network throughout U.S.
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Parts usually available same day from U.S. factory
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In some cases, parts have to be shipped from overseas.
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Ships factory calibrated from Avery Weigh-Tronix U.S.A. factory in MN
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Part Number
Ship Wt
3' x 3'
2500 x 0.5 lb
154 lb
4' x 4'
5000 x 1 lb
225 lb
4' x 4'
10,000 x 2 lb
238 lb
5' x 5'
5000 x 1 lb
341 lb
5' x 5'
10,000 x 2 lb
387 lb





816965005437 - 36" x 36"
816965005468 - 48" x 48"
816965005451 - 59" x 48"


Pit Frames:
816965005482 - 36" x 36"
816965005512 - 48" x 48"
816965005529 - 59" x 59"