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Brecknell SBI-505 Basic Digital Weight Indicator

Brecknell SBI-505 Basic Digital Weight Indicator

The Brecknell SBI-505 meets all the demands for a high quality, easy to use scale indicator at a competitive price. A great replacement for the Salter Brecknell 200E


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The SBI-505 is a general purpose digital indicator. It comes with a large LED screen for easy read out of up to 30,000 display divisions,and supplies enough current for up to six 350-ohm load cells. All setup parameters may be entered via the front panel keys. If you're looking for a replacement model readout for the Salter Brecknell 200E, this might be a good choice to consider.

SBI-505 Features
Display Resolution up to 30,000 divisions
Internal ADC 2,000,000
Load Cell Capability 6 @ 350 ohm
Construction Painted mild steel with stainless steel desk stand
Finish Powder coat paint
Time and Date Standard (military format)
RS-232 Standard DB9 connection
Rated IP65
Function Checkweighing, count, weight, total and print
Annunciators: -0-, motion, Gross, Net, tared, Total, pcs, lb, kg, Lo, OK, Hi
Interface Cable Connectors Included
Operating Temp: -10° C to 40° C (14° F to 104° F)
Power: 120/220VAC 60Hz/50Hz
Calibration: Front panel accessible
Accuracy: NTEP at 5,000 divisions, Class lll
Certifications: NTEP CC #11-082

Part Number
NTEP, CoC #11-082
15' Interface Cable, item # AWT05-505848
DSB Floor Scale