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B-TEK DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal

B-TEK DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal

The B-Tek DD 2050 comes pre-loaded with standard in-out software and is NTEP approved for your legal for trade applications. Available in digital or analog.


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The DD 2050 combines computer programming power with flexibility and delivers it all in a compact, secure, unattended box with 12.1" touch screen display. The DD 2050 comes pre-loaded with standard in-out software and is NTEP approved for your legal for trade applications.  

Maximum Application Flexibility
The B-TEK DD 2050 outdoor kiosk touchscreen weighing terminal provides flexibility and feature-rich functionality. Operator friendly application solutions are possible with touchscreen interaction and the unlimited ability to prompt action with color graphics, icons, and text.

The DD 2050 is designed to communicate with built-in network adapters for easy connectivity to existing LAN infrastructures and accessory cards are available for interfacing with Profibus and Ethernet/IP networks. The DD Series terminal uses a Windows CE operating system and a Microsoft.NET programming environment that allows standard off-the-shelf PC compatible devices to be directly connected to the weighing terminal. Input or data from Ethernet, USB, or serial port connected card readers, scanners, cameras, and more can be processed within the terminal or passed through to the connected network. Truck scale management software such as Scalesoft.NET can be directly interfaced to the DD2050 for stand-alone information collection and storage.

Truck In/Out
The DD 2050 weighing terminal for truck scales is the key element of an unmanned, self-service truck scale installation. An unlimited number of transactions can be stored with truck information as well as data from other connected devices, such as a video camera and signature pad. Touch screen data entry, optional swipe card, or optional RFID scanner will identify the truck and prompt the driver through the weighing process.

The DD 2050 weighing terminal can provide the truck driver with graphic and text based operating sequences for loading and/or unloading the truck. It is easy to enter or retrieve product information, enter target set-points and a start / stop process operation of a loading type process. The entered information can be saved locally and then exported into a spreadsheet and retrieved via a USB flash drive or periodically transferred to a central server over the local network. The built-in tape printer can provide a transaction receipt directly to the driver so there is no need to exit the truck.

Software Applications
The power of the DD 2050 is in its blank slate approach to software. The DD 2050 gives the customer the ability to customize all aspects of the system. With a 12.1-inch touch screen, developers can guide users through the weighing process producing navigation that is not only error free, but easy for the operator to understand.

Need even more customization? The speaker included in the box can be used to communicate with drivers to reduce confusion and/or problems associated with complex weighing routines. The DD 2050 is built on the Microsoft.NET framework; many customizations and plug-ins are available to tie into third party systems such as: SAP, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, and other back-end systems. Have a proprietary system? Not a problem, the DD 2050 can easily export information in comma-separated format for easy importation.



NTEP COC: 13-055 10,000 div / Canadian approval: AM-5981
500 MHz processor 128 MB ram 128 MB flash memory
12.1" color TFT display with touch screen
10/100 BaseT Ethernet onboard 2 x I/O 24V AC/DC
1 memory card expansion slot (SD, Compact Flash)
3 expansion slots (for weighing machines, serial port, I/O, field buses, etc.)
Power supply: 110-230 VAC
Enclosure: 304 stainless steel
Designed for temperature extremes of outdoor use
Keyed enclosure access door
Protective secondary “hood” cover
Built-in heat / cool thermal control devices
Anti-vandal locking cover available
Display: 12.1” color display Touch screen with protective cover
High contrast display - legible in direct sunlight
User programmable displays, icons and graphics and layout
Printer: Thermal paper receipt printer


PART # .............. DESCRIPTION
899-100081      DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal (Digital)
899-100082      DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal (Analog)






Available Options

Kiosk Swing Arm Pole
Product Code: 200-160094-RL

8-Input / 12-Output Card - DD1050 / 1050I / 2050
Product Code: 899-100103

DD1010 Skynet, 1050, 2050 4-20Ma 0-10V Interface Card
Product Code: 899-100066

Bidimensional Barcode Reader
Product Code: 899-100059

Data Studio
Product Code: 899-DATASTUDIO

DB15 Male / Terminal Strip Connector & Shroud
Product Code: 899-100221

DB9 Female / Terminal Strip Connector & Shroud
Product Code: 899-100222

DB9 Female to DB9 Female Null Modem Adaptor
Product Code: 899-100224

DB9 Male / Terminal Strip Connector & Shroud
Product Code: 899-100225

DB9 Male to DB9 Female Null Modem Adaptor
Product Code: 899-100223

DD Cellular Connection Kit
Product Code: 878-000024

DD2050 4-Input / 6-Output Card
Product Code: 899-100063

DD2050 Ethernet Switch - 5 Port
Product Code: 899-100070

DD2050 Interface - UMTS / WIFI / GPRS / EDGE / GSM / MSPDA
Product Code: 899-100069

DD2050 Profibus Card
Product Code: 899-100065

DD2050 Sw Mpp For Diade Indicators
Product Code: 899-100071

Digital Internal Power Regulator For Multi Scale Board
Product Code: 899-100121

Dual Serial Interface (1) Usb To (2) RS232 Ports DD1010 / 1050 / 2050
Product Code: 899-100211

Interface Up To 3 Analog Scales
Product Code: 899-100073

Interface Up To 3 Digital Scales
Product Code: 899-100076

Interface Up To 4 Analog Scales
Product Code: 899-100074

Interface Up To 4 Digital Scales
Product Code: 899-100077

Linear Barcode Reader
Product Code: 899-100058

Quad Serial Interface (1) Usb To (4) RS232 Ports DD1010 / 1050 / 2050
Product Code: 899-100210

Radio Modem 2.4 Ghz (Range = 500')
Product Code: 899-100078

RFID Badges (Cards)
Product Code: 878-000022

RFID Reader - Writer
Product Code: 899-100062

RFID Reader (Includes 3 Cards)
Product Code: 899-100061

RS232 Printer Cable DB9 Male - DB25 Male (DD & Tm295)
Product Code: 835-300014

ScaleSoft .NET
Product Code: 878-100007

ScaleSoft Lite
Product Code: 878-100009

Wireless Bridge / AP 5 GHz Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2
Product Code: 878-000028

Second Digital Scale Interface
Product Code: 899-100075

Single Serial Interface (1) Usb To (1) RS232 Port DD1010 / 1050 / 2050
Product Code: 899-100212

Single Serial Interface Usb TO RS422 Port DD1010 / 1050 / 2050
Product Code: 899-100270

Sound Card
Product Code: 899-100067





899-100027      SELF800 Unattended Scale Terminal