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B-Tek Duratron Low Profile Truck Scale

B-Tek Duratron Low Profile Truck Scale

The B-TEK Duratron is a low profile design truck scale that delivers strength and durability in a platform as low as 11-1/2 inches high. The Duratron is great for agricultural, industrial, and over-the-road applications. It fits just about anywhere that space is a premium. Combine the Duratron with B-TEK weight indicators to help improve your facilities operation and accuracy.


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The B-TEK name has long been synonymous with extremely well built truck scale products designed to provide many years of dependable, trouble free service. Decades of application experience ensures B-TEK truly understands customer truck weighing challenges and is able to deliver an industrial scale solution.



COC: 01-075
Type: Above ground flat top and pit installation
Scale Capacity: Up to 270,000 lb
Concentrated Load Capacity: 72,000 lb
Scale Height: 12” standard - 11-1/2” available for retrofit installation
Available Widths: 10’ - 12’

Weighbridge Deck: 3/8” tread plate decking - welded to beams or 8” concrete deck with factory installed tin and rebar - “ready to pour”
Steel Preparation/Paint: Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6; Cross-Linked two-part Epoxy - 2 to 4 mil primer base coat; Two-part UV resistant Polyurethane - 2 to 4 mil top coat

Load Cell: 65,000 double ended shear beam - parallel link suspension system; Plated alloy steel with fully welded gauge covers (IP67)
Load Cell Cable: Braided metal sheathed cable
Electrical: Junction Box NEMA 4X FRP enclosure(s) and B-TEK 4-cell summing board with GDT surge protection
Surge Protection: Tripp Lite Isobar Ultra 4-Outlet line transient protection device and scale grounding package


btek low profile duratron vehicle scale



Popular Part Numbers:

EFTS-601004   60x10, 60x11, or 60x12         200,000 lb         Steel
EFTS-701004   70x10, 70x11, or 70x12         200,000 lb         Steel
EFTS-801004   80x10, 80x11, or 80x12         200,000 lb         Steel


EFTC-601004   60x10, 60x11, or 60x12         200,000 lb         Concrete
EFTC-701004   70x10, 70x11, or 70x12         200,000 lb         Concrete
EFTC-801004   80x10, 80x11, or 80x12         200,000 lb         Concrete