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B-Tek U-Style Floor Scale

B-Tek U-Style Floor Scale

The U-Style pallet floor scale is designed for use in variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications where mobility and speed of loading and unloading is required. The open-framed design facilitates weigh bars in a 48" x 48" footprint and includes heavy-duty handles and casters for ease in mobility.


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We've seen a few of these types of scales in the past and often they are made with inexpensive components and simply not built to last. Fortunately, B-TEK, the makers of the famous Clydesdale industrial floor scale, have come along to build a reliable version of this low profile pallet weighing floor scale that you can have confidence in using.

With its unique shape, the durable and precise U-Style Floor Scale provides the advantages of a standard floor scale without the need for ramps when using pallet jacks or lift trucks. Eliminating the extra steps of having to remove a pallet jack from a scale for a weighment increases safety, efficiencies and productivity. In addition, the U-Style Floor Scale is also portable and can be moved easily to different locations.

portable u-shape pallet scale

  • Certificate of Conformance: Non NTEP
  • Type: Above ground portability with wheels
  • Scale Capacity: 2500 X 0.5 lb or  5000 X 1 lb
  • Available Sizes: 4’x4’
  • Scale Height: 4.25”-4.5”
  • Weighbridge: Carbon and stainless steel with handles and portability wheels
  • Paint System: Alkyd enamel
  • Load Cell: Plated alloy steel, 350 Ohms, 3mV/V
  • Leveling Foot: B-TEK stainless steel encapsulated foot – 2.5” diameter base
  • Junction Box: B-TEK FRP J-Box W / JB-2000 summing board
  • Warranty: 2-Years on carbon steel structure, 1-Year load cell



P/N ............ DESCRIPTION
911-5001      2500 LB Painted Steel
911-5000      5000 LB Painted Steel

911-5020      2500 LB Stainless Steel
911-5021      5000 LB Stainless Steel



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