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Cardinal Scale AC Series Compression Load Cells

Cardinal Scale AC Series Compression Load Cells

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing AC series stainless steel compression load cells feature anti-rotation mounting with extra robust upper and lower cups and a self-centering column. The NTEP and OIML certified AC series analog load cells come in either 50,000 lb or 100,000 lb capacities.


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Cardinal Scale AC series include 50 ft /15 m of cable per load cell. The IP69K-rated AC series is interchangeable with Cardinal Scale’s SCA series compression load cells for high-capacity vehicle scales and tank/hopper scales. This heavy-capacity compression load cell is ideal for multi-cell applications and prevents unwanted forces from affecting load cell performance. Everything you need for a vehicle scale, minus the weighbridge.


Cardinal AC Series Analog Compression Load Cell Features

22700 kg / 50000 lb and 45000 kg / 100000 lb Capacities
50 ft /15 m of Load Cell Cable
Anti-Rotation Mounting
Extra Robust Upper and Lower Cups
Interchangeable with Cardinal SCA Load Cells
IP69K Rated for High-Pressure and High-Temperature Washdown Applications
May Be Used With (6 wires) or Without (4 wires) Sense Leads
OIML and NTEP Certified
Stainless Steel Junction Box
Stainless Steel Load Cells
Interchangeable with 50K-SCA and 100K-SCA
NTEP Certification Number: 17-123 / OIML Certification Number: 2000-A-GB1-18.03


Capacity (Model AC-50K): 22,700 kg / 50,000 lb
Capacity (Model AC-100K): 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb
Cell Type: Analog compression load cell
Rated Output: 2 mV/V at Rated Capacity
Output Resistance: 1005±5
Input Resistance: 1150±50
Cable Length: 15.2 m / 50 ft
Protection Class: IP69K
Construction: Stainless steel load cells with plated alloy steel anti-rotation cups


Model           Description
AC-50K       Load Cell, Compression, 50,000 Lb, Stainless Steel
AC-100K     Load Cell, Compression, 100,000 Lb, Stainless Steel



3502-D429-0A   Pull Junction Box
3502-D596-0A   Universal Truck Section Seal Trim Box, 12 Cell
3502-D596-1A   Universal Truck Section Seal Trim Box, 8 Cell
3502-D617-0A   Transient Protection Box, 12 Cell
3502-D617-1A   Transient Protection Box, 8 Cell