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Canister Load Cells for High Capacity Weighing

Load Cells - Canister

Canister load cells are ideal for high capacity weighing. These load cells are available in a variety of capacities and are typically used in vehicle weighing applications, and tank and hopper weighing applications. Because canister load cells are hermetically sealed, they provide excellent environmental protection in hazardous environments. Compression Canister load cells are used primarily in truck and railroad applications, compression canisters are proven performers for demanding applications. We carry the model you're looking for. Tension Canister load cells  operate similar to an s-beam cell, but are used primarily in tank and hopper applications. At Central Carolina Scale we can provide you with with the right tension canister for your operation.

  • revere-transducers-csp-compression-canister-cell.jpg
    Revere CSP Stainless Steel Compression Canister Load CellRevere Transducers CSP IP68 Welded-seal stainless steel canister cell designed for compression service only. High-capacity transducers built for reliability, durability and extreme precision. CSP (Compression Super Precision) cells are ideal for applications where optimum precision is needed.
  • revere-transducer-cp-compression-canister.jpg
    Revere Transducers CP Canister Load CellWelded-seal canister cell designed for compression service only. High-capacity transducers built for reliability, durability and extreme precision. CP (Compression Precision) cells are recommended for most industrial applications. Capacities available from 10,000 to 500,000 lb Integral 30'/9.2 m cable.
  • revere-transducers-792-compression-loadcell.jpg
    Revere 792 Compression Load CellRevere 792 Compression canister stainless steel load cell features IP68 NTEP Approved. Complete with 35 ft of load cell cable. Single-column design with low deflection and welded-seal for trouble-free operation. Capacities from 50,000 to 200,000 lb Compact and rugged. NTEP approved
  • rice-lake-rlcsp1-compression-canister-loadcell.jpg
    Rice Lake RLCSP1 Compression Canister, Stainless Steel Load CellRice Lake Weighing Systems RLCSP1 Compression Canister, Stainless Steel Welded-seal, IP67, NTEP 1:10,000 Class IIIL Load Cell
  • artech-90210-compression-loadcell
    Artech 90210 Compression Load CellArtech 90210 is a multicolumn compression type load cell. It is hermetically sealed to provide better environmental protection. The cell is recommended for tank, truck, track and hopper type industrial applications. Integral 30 foot cable. 10K - 500K pounds capacities. Stainless steel version available.
  • btek-cpd-m-digital-loadcell
    B-TEK CPD-M Digital Load CellThe CPD-M digital load cell offers robust construction and measurement technology far superior to traditional analog output load cells. Built-in, fast acting protection devices guard against damage from surge voltage and lightning events. The B-TEK CPD-M digital load cell has an installed base of more than 200,000 units worldwide.
  • btek-cpd-m-digital-loadcell
    B-Tek CPR-M Analog Compression Load CellsB-Tek CPR-M Analog Load Cell is housed in a laser welded stainless steel housing for superior environmental protection. A poly coated stainless steel sheath prevents moisture and rodent damage to the integral cable. The cell design provides direct weight measurement without the need of mechanical linkages.
  • flintec-rc3-rocker-loadcell
    Flintec RC3 Rocker Column Load CellThe Flintec RC3 is a stainless steel rocker load cell designed for applications where moisture and high humidity are problems.
  • rice-lake-rl8c2p1ss-compression-load-cell
    Rice Lake RL8C2P1SS Stainless Steel Compression Canister Load CellRice Lake Weighing Systems RL8C2P1SS Stainless Steel Compression Canister Load Cell is a single column design with low deflection, hermetically sealed for trouble free operation. Stainless steel for use in harsh environments. Compact and rugged. Capacities range from 50,000 lb to 200,000 lb. Complete with 35 feet of load cell cable.
  • cardinal-ac-series-analog-compression-loadcell
    Cardinal Scale AC Series Compression Load CellsCardinal Scale Manufacturing AC series stainless steel compression load cells feature anti-rotation mounting with extra robust upper and lower cups and a self-centering column. The NTEP and OIML certified AC series analog load cells come in either 50,000 lb or 100,000 lb capacities.