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Cardinal CTP-1 Ticket Printer

Cardinal CTP-1 Ticket Printer

Cardinal CTP-1 Dot Matrix Ticket Printer prints up to 2.1 lines per second. Its features include insert ticket and multiple copy printing. It interfaces with Cardinal indicators via a RS-232 serial port. Standard serial printer cable provided. Character size is 2.9 mm x 1.6 mm and the printer has 35 columns.


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Most of today’s weighing installations require not only accurate weighing, but fast, accurate printing. Cardinal offers a variety of printers for most any need - simple or complex. All printers are designed to connect to the Cardinal Scale family of weight indicators which can control and transmit valuable weight data in a fast orderly fashion, giving you long term quality records.


CTP-1 Printer Features
1 RS232 Serial Port
Prints up to 2.1 Lines per Second
Standard Serial Printer Cable Provided



Model     Description
CTP-1      Printer, 40 Column Ticket, Dot Matrix, RS232 Interface



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