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B-Tek Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck SS Washdown Scale

B-Tek Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck SS Washdown Scale

The B-TEK Clydesdale Matrix UW is the ultimate washdown floor scale. Similar to the original Clydesdale Lift Deck but with a more robust design and easier cleanout.


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Many industries demand cleanliness and harsh washdowns in their day-to-day operations, which can take a toll on equipment. You need equipment that is well-built and reliable.

B-TEK's Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck floor scale is the ultimate washdown scale, with continuous welds that eliminate areas where bacteria and dirt can hide, making it ideal for food processing plants and sterile environments. The stainless steel, structural solid weld bar and frame design also adds to the heavy-duty nature of the Matrix UW.

The Matrix UW Lift Deck comes standard with stainless steel hermetically sealed IP69 load cells. Access holes on the top plate with easy-open latch locks and dual gas shocks make it easy for the deck to be raised and lowered by a single operator. Dual safety bars keep the deck locked in the open position for cleaning.

The B-TEK Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck floor scale is simply a fantastic washdown scale and is ideal in food processing plants and other heavy washdown environments. The stainless steel material, no formed channels, and structural solid welds contribute to the heavy duty nature of the Matrix UW. This allows for easy cleaning and prevention of bacteria growth and build up.


  • NTEP COC: 94-092A4 / NTEP approved at 5,000d 
  • Type: Above ground or pit 
  • Scale Capacity: 5,000 - 10,000 lbs 
  • End Load Capacity: 80% for 10K capacity and 100% for 5K capacities 
  • Scale Height: 4” nominal height, adjustable 
  • Available Sizes: 4’ x 4’ - 5’ x 5’ - Custom sizes upon request 
  • Weighbridge: 1/4” 304 Stainless Steel smooth or tread plate with structural solid weld bar frame
  • Deck: Access holes on top plate with easy open latch locks, dual gas shocks to aid in raising and safety bars to keep the deck locked in the open position for cleaning
  • Finish: All exposed surfaces are media blasted to a clean, consistent appearance 
  • Load Cell: Stainless Steel hermetically sealed (IP69K) load cells 
  • Leveling Foot: B-TEK Stainless Steel rigid foot - 3.00” diameter base 
  • Junction Box: Remote access NEMA 4X junction box with signal trim summing board


ITEM # ...... Material ...... SIZE .... CAPACITY
911-5233      Smooth        48x48              5000 LB
911-5243      Smooth        48x48           10,000 LB

911-5213      Tread           48x48             5000 LB
911-5223      Tread           48x48          10,000 LB

911-5234     Smooth        60x60             5000 LB
911-5244     Smooth        60x60          10,000 LB

911-5214     Tread           60x60             5000 LB
911-5224     Tread           60x60          10,000 LB







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