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Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Stainless Steel Washdown Floor Scales

Our selection of Stainless Steel Floor Scales includes scales from Avery Weigh-Tronix, GSE, Rice Lake and Cardinal Scale Manufacturing. The RoughDeck HE from Rice Lake is a hostile environment, stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications. Design features include a 6", 304 stainless steel channel frame and smooth top plate. The RoughDeck HE comes standard with four stainless steel, IP67 welded seal, shear beam load cells, four stainless steel surefeet, a stainless steel NEMA 4X TuffSeal summing junction box and EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable. We strongly encourage our customers to stick with the top manufacturers like Rice Lake, Avery Weigh-Tronix or B-TEK when it comes to buying a stainless steel floor scale. Some of the "lesser" imported products may not have the same quality of true stainless steel in the platform or the accessories. Our high quality, reliable and durable SS floor scales are built tough to give you years of heavy duty usage. We also offer painted steel industrial floor scales. Contact us for a quote today.

  • weigh-tronix-fcqh-hinge-top-floor-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix FCQH Hinge Top Floor ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix FCQH hinge top floor scale is the ideal platform scale for environments where strict sanitation and hygiene is essential. The scale has a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete wash down
  • weigh-tronix prodec stainless steel floor scale
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Stainless Steel Floor ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix stainless steel ProDec floor scale is accurate, affordable and suitable for most industrial weighing applications. The stainless steel ProDec is equipped with hermetically sealed stainless Weigh Bars. The unique Weigh Bar sealing prevents air, gas and moisture from infiltrating gauge and wiring areas.
  • doran-aps7000xl-large-bench-scale.jpg
    Doran APS8000XL Bench Scale with ColumnDoran APS8000XL includes a 20" tall column & four different base sizes: 15" x 15", 18" x 18", 18" x 24", or 24" x 24". The internal rechargeable battery and charger provides a simple-to-maintain scale that can fully charge the battery in five hours, even while the scale is being used.
  • doran-pfs-portable-floor-scale.jpg
    Doran PFS Portable Floor ScaleThis floor scale is constructed of heavy gauge tubular stainless steel and features a 24" x 24" platter for plenty of weighing surface. Customize this portable floor scale with your choice of seven different digital weight indicators from the 7000XL digital weight indicator to the intrinsically safe 8000IS indicator.
  • rice lake roughdeck he washdown stainless steel floor scale
    Rice Lake Roughdeck HE Hostile Environment Washdown Floor ScaleThe RoughDeck HE is a hostile environment, stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications. Design features include a 6-inch, 304 stainless steel channel frame and smooth top plate.
  • rice lake roughdeck ss stainless steel floor scale
    Rice Lake Roughdeck SS Stainless Steel Floor ScaleThe RoughDeck SS floor scale is designed specifically for Legal for Trade applications requiring the added corrosion protection of stainless steel. Applications include dry chemical operations, fertilizer plants and other industries which require non-washdown corrosion resistance.
  • Roughdeck-SD.jpg
    Rice Lake Roughdeck SD Sanitary Deck Floor ScaleThe RoughDeck SD floor scale offers a removable polyethylene deck for sanitization requirements, in addition to top performing RoughDeck features like all stainless steel channel frames, protected load cells, and adjustable support feet. Side brackets assure deck stability during washdown.
  • Roughdeck-BDP-Barrel-Weigh.jpg
    Rice Lake Roughdeck BDP Barrel ScaleEasily accommodate a range of applications with the versatile RoughDeck BDP. Available in both stainless and mild construction, the low-profile design allows ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. Siderails also allow the BDP to weigh pallets or other large items
  • btek-clydesdale-matrix-uw-liftdeck-washdown-scale
    B-Tek Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck SS Washdown ScaleThe B-TEK Clydesdale Matrix UW is the ultimate washdown floor scale. Similar to the original Clydesdale Lift Deck but with a more robust design and easier cleanout.
  • rice-lake-roughdeck-qc-x-sanitary-scale
    Rice Lake RoughDeck QC-X Sanitary Environment ScaleThe Rice Lake RoughDeck QC-X is a quick clean washdown, stainless steel floor scale with a solid plate base and extreme degree of top plate lift. The RoughDeck QC-X is ideal for easy cleaning in environments requiring strict sanitation.
  • rice-lake-roughdeck-pw1-u-shape-pallet-scale
    Rice Lake RoughDeck PW-1 U-Shape Platform ScaleRice Lake RoughDeck PW-1 pallet scale is an economical alternative to a floor scale in manufacturing and warehouse environments. The u-shape of the pallet scale is designed to decrease cycle time when weighing pallets, skids and totes.

Do I Need a Painted Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Floor Scale?

When customers are looking for floor scales, one of the questions that often gets asked revolves around the platform material. If you are a recycling center, you don't necessarily need to buy a SST floor scale. In fact, many customers who are thinking of placing a floor scale partially or completely outdoors purchase a painted steel scale with stainless steel NEMA type enclosures.

Most customers want an accurate floor scale with durable scale deck and a top plate to access junction box components. The junction box inside the scale is actually a very important part of a platform scale. Of course quality load cells are a must along with a robust scale foot in each corner which will allow for scale height adjustment.

Other components often overlooked are lifting holes. If you are planning to move your scale platform around, these holes in the top platter can make it much easier. Are you looking to use the scale platform with a ramp or in the floor? Once you set the scale and get it ready to weigh, it's always a good idea to have your local scale company take calibration weights and test each corner for accurate and consistent readings.

Whether for weighing metals to be recycled or food processing, an accurate and reliable stainless steel floor scale with high accuracy is imperative. Some of the top brands to consider are B-TEK, Rice Lake, and Weigh-Tronix. These scales are known for their easy operation for industrial use. Most of our SS standard size platforms are NTEP certified and offered in a wide variety of sizes and capacities.


The weighing process in the food industry is changing to improve efficiencies and maintain safety. Quality industrial weighing equipment is important for a wide variety of applications in the food and beverage industry. While many of these applications call for higher precision, these scales also need to have certain protection measures in place to ensure day-to-day safety for the maintenance technicians who are maintaining them on a daily basis.

As you can imagine, the food industry has extreme but necessary hygienic standards that require frequent cleaning of
equipment. The scales being used must be washed many times a day to avoid contamination. The same is true of pharmaceutical and medical environments, which need washed down to maintain clean and sterile rooms. The washdown process of a floor scale can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why a close look at the process is essential between you and your scale provider.

Washdown Scales 101 for New Scale Buyers

Ok, so you've been given the task of sourcing waterproof scales for damp environments that are big enough to weigh a pallet on. These washdown scales need to have rugged stainless steel construction. A washdown floor scale often needs things like a rechargeable battery, a weight display with stainless steel housing, and an easy to read backlit display. Some of these things aren't necessary in typical industrial settings but when you're dealing with something like food preparation and cleaning processes you really need to be willing to spend the funds necessary to have a truly washdown floor scale. And in full disclosure, we always like to add that our scales are washdown scales and they are not truly waterproof scales.  They're very close though....

It can also get confusing when you see IP66 and then IP 68 and then IP69K... In most basic wet environments, IP66 or greater will probably work ok for you. If you can get a scale with IP68 or IP6K that is preferred in most situations to protect the internal components. That's about as close as you can get to waterproof housing.