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Inscale Portable Scale Sub Frame

Inscale Portable Scale Sub Frame

Portable Sub Frame Accessory for Inscale floor scales make transporting the 4x4 or 5x5 scales much easier. Accessory For 1K-10K Inscale LP Series Scale Bases


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If you've ever tried to pick up a 4x4 platform scale and move it around the warehouse then you realize it's not really that portable. Yes you can move the scale if you're careful and you pay attention to certain cables and components but you can easily damage something. It can be tricky and it can take quite a bit of time having to make sure you don't tear up the cable going from the digital weight display to the scale deck.

If you are looking for an easy way to make your Inscale floor scale system a truly portable unit, then you need to add one of these sub-frames to your warehouse. This portable sub-frame is built to allow your Inscale LP series import floor scale to fit right in. The indicator also has a column mount. The sub-frame has fork lift channels which make picking up the scale very simple to do.


Accessory For 48"x48" / 60" x 60" 1K-10K Inscale "LP" Series Scale Bases
Structural Channel Construction
7.5" Wide Fork Channels
50" Tall Instrument Stand
3/4"-16 Self Leveling Adjustment Feet
Scale Sold Separately
Standard Lead Time To Ship Is 1 Business Day