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Intelligent-Lab ALE NTEP Class II Analytical Balance

ALE series balances feature Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside. Direct to Windows® Software. Anti-static Draft Shield. LCD Graphic Display and RS232 Interface & USB Type B. Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN. Below Balance Weighing With Optional Hook. Pan Size: 4.65" / Draft Shield: 7.8"h. Made in Japan. NTEP Class II


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Model        Part Number             Capacity Readability
ALE-223      2-ALE-N223-122         220 g x 0.001 g (NTEP Class II 0.01g)
ALE-323      2-ALE-N323-122         320 g x 0.001 g (NTEP Class II 0.01g)
ALE-623      2-ALE-N623-122         620 g x 0.001 g (NTEP Class II 0.01g)



Density Kit, Printer, SDI Remote Display, Rechargeable Battery, Under weigh Hook, Carrying Case