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Intelligent Weigh

Intelligent Weigh offers a wide range of electronic scales and laboratory balances. The company offers a complete range of high quality laboratory balances, industrial scales, load cells and weighing accessories. Some of their products offered include:

Universal Weight Enterprise Company Limited (or simply UWE), the UWE factory is currently located in Taiwan, where research, design, and manufacture of the products takes place. Intelligent-Lab™, Pure-Sample™, Intelligent-Industrial™, Cal-Quick™, Cal-QR™, Intelligent-Check™, Intelligent-Count™, Fast-Count™, Intelligent-Weigh™, Intelligent-Base™, Intelligent-Scan™, Titan™, Intelligent-Lift™ and Intelligent-Print™ items. Every balance that leaves the warehouse has been checked out and calibrated by expert staff to make sure you get the best product available.

  • uwe-ps2-stainless-steel-bench-scale.jpg
    Intelligent VPS Ultra Stainless Steel ScaleIntelligent VPS Ultra scale includes Heavy Duty All Stainless Steel Construction, Rechargeable Battery, Large Backlit LCD Display and Stainless Steel Load cell. Stainless steel platform, pillar, indicator, load cell and housing - easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments / wash down resistant.
  • uwe-titanh-washdown-weight-scale
    UWE Intelligent-Weigh TitanH Washdown Bench ScaleUWE TitanH series washdown bench scale. Stainless Steel FS Indicator, Stainless Steel Platter and Column, Large 2” Backlit Display, Washdown, Rechargeable Battery, Hermetically sealed load cell protection
  • uwe uhr high resolution bench scale
    Intelligent UHR High Resolution Industrial ScaleUHR high precision laboratory quality bench scale. ISO 9001, Ultra-High Accuracy 30,000 Divisions, Strong, Non Corrosive Cast Aluminum Structure, Large 2" High Backlit Display, Accumulation, RS 232 Interface, Animal Weighing, 110VAC & Rechargeable Battery. Capacity 13 lb to 660 lb. Base sizes range from 11" x 13" to 16.5" x 20.5"
  • uwe-titanh-washdown-weight-scale
    UWE Intelligent Weigh TitanN Bench ScaleUWE TitanN series legal for trade bench scale. Easy to read weight indicator with large 2" display, Stainless Steel Platter and Column, Rechargeable Battery.
  • uwe-UFM-L-large-ntep-bench-scale.jpg
    UWE UFM-L NTEP Bench ScaleUWE UFM-L NTEP bench scale, Large 2 Inch Backlit Display, Rechargeable Battery. Large 19.7 x 23.6" platform. Capacities available include 120 lb, 250 lb, 600 lb, and 1200 lb.
  • uwe-ufm-b-legal-for-trade-bench-scale.jpg
    UWE UFM-B NTEP Bench ScaleUWE UFM-B NTEP bench scale 60 lb to 300 lb Capacity, large 2 Inch Backlit Display, Rechargeable Battery. Configurable RS232 Interface, Large 2 inch backlit LCD display with wide viewing angle, Built-in rechargeable battery. Platform: 13 x 17.7 x 3.5"
  • uwe-sek-checkweigher-light-tower-scale
    UWE SEK Series Checkweighing ScaleUWE SEK Checkweighing Scale is a dedicated checkweigher that allows you to weigh a sample against a predetermined set of parameters. Simply tell the scale what you want to be considered too light, too heavy, or just right. The scale comes with a HI-LO-GO light tower (as pictured) for easy operation. This unit is great for quality control, order fulfillment, manufacturing or production.
  • intelligent-idc-dual-channel-counting-scale
    Intel-Count IDC Dual Channel Counting ScaleThe Intel-Count IDC series is the ideal choice for all your counting needs. Stainless steel weighing platform. ABS structure. Weight capacity from 12 to 60 lb. Large LCD display. Capacities: 12, 30, or 60 lbs. Built-in rechargeable battery. Remote scale input (standard), (1) RS-232 serial port, Full numeric keypad, Three displays for simple operation.
  • uwe-oac-battery-powered-counting-scale.jpg
    UWE OAC Parts Counting ScaleIntelligent-Count OAC Series counting scales by UWE are made in Taiwan and feature Industrial Counting, portable and economical, backlit display, 16 Bit, 200,000 Internal Divisions, 12,000 Displayed Divisions. Full numerical keypad - user friendly operation and fast data entry. Built-in rechargeable battery
  • intelligent-lab-il-50-touchscreen-moisture-balance
    Intelligent IL-50 Touch Screen Moisture AnalyzerMoisture balance with touch screen.
  • intelligent-lf-series-lab-balance
    Intelligent-Lab LF Series Analytical BalanceIntelligent Weighing LF Series force restoration laboratory balances blend reliable accuracy with an affordable price for a high end level analytical balance.
  • intel-lab-ht-vibra-analytical-balance
    Intelligent-Lab HT Analytical BalanceHigh quality affordably priced analytical balance with Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside. Bi-Directional RS232 Interface. Reads in g, mg, ct, oz, lb, oz t, dwt, GN, mommes. Counting, %, Density, Accumulation, Checkweighing, Adjustable Filtering Levels, Below Balance Weighing.
  • intel-lab-ale-analytical-ntep-class-2-balance
    Intelligent-Lab ALE NTEP Class II Analytical BalanceALE series balances feature Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside. Direct to Windows® Software. Anti-static Draft Shield. LCD Graphic Display and RS232 Interface & USB Type B. Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN. Below Balance Weighing With Optional Hook. Pan Size: 4.65" / Draft Shield: 7.8"h. Made in Japan. NTEP Class II
  • uwe-hs-series-ntep-hanging-scale
    Intelligent AHS NTEP Series Hanging ScaleLegal for Trade NTEP Approved AHS hanging scale from Intelligent Weighing
  • uwe-hgs-stainless-high-accuracy-scale.jpg
    UWE AGS Stainless Steel Counter-Top ScaleUWE AGS counter-top scales feature all stainless steel housing which is easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments. Heavy duty construction will withstand harsh industrial operation. Sealed electronics improved water and dust resistance. Compact size uses less counter space. NTEP approved.
  • uwe-UFM-L-large-ntep-bench-scale.jpg
    UWE UFM-F NTEP Legal for Trade Bench ScaleUWE UFM-F NTEP bench scale, Large 2 Inch Backlit Display, Rechargeable Battery. Large 16.5" x 20.5" platform. Capacities available from 60 lb to 600 lb. Free Shipping (continental US)
  • vibra-ale322nc-dispensary-scale
    Intelligent Vibra ALE-NC Dispensary BalanceALE-NC series balances feature Vibra Tuning Fork Inside. NTEP Legal for Trade. Ideal for dispensary use.