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Intelligent IL-50 Touch Screen Moisture Analyzer

Intelligent IL-50 Touch Screen Moisture Analyzer

Moisture balance with touch screen.


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If you're trying to find the moisture content of a particular item, you could weigh the item on a typical laboratory balance, then find a good drying oven and set aside several hours to draw out its moisture and then weigh the item again on the laboratory balance. Fortunately, we have products available like the Intelligent IL Series Touch Screen Moisture balances that can make the process much easier.



Load Cell
Color Touch Screen
Simple Operation
Solids or Liquids Results
External Calibration
RS-232 Serial Port



Model            Capacity             Readability                     Pan Size
IL-50.01 TS         50 g              0.01 g / 0.1% moisture          3.5"
IL-50.001 TS       50 g            0.001 g / 0.01% moisture         3.5"


Options Available include: T225 Temperature Calibration Kit, Printer, Sample Pans, & Sample Pads