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HealthOMeter Patient Transfer System Scale

HealthOMeter Patient Transfer System Scale

The Health-O-Meter Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer board with a built-in medical scale that provides a weight measurement when transferring a patient. All departments can benefit from the Patient Transfer Scale, particularly Stroke Units, the ER, ICU, and Radiology.


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The Health O Meter Professional Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer board with built in medical scale, designed to weigh either immobile or unconscious patients quickly and accurately.


Light and portable with simple functions

Weighs critical or immobile patients instantly and accurately helping shorten door-to-needle times

Offers superior alternative to other weighing equipment, such as in-bed scales, that are often not calibrated or inaccurate

Helps shorten door-to-needle times for time critical patients

Can be utilized as part of an existing patient transfer process when a weight is needed, and will not disrupt the patient flow process




Capacity: 550 lb / 250 kg
Resolution: 1 lb / 0.5 kg
Weighing Mat Size: (w x d) 71” x 21” / 1805 mm x 533 mm
Product Footprint: (w x d x h) 71” x 27 ½” x 1” / 1805mm x 700mm x 30 mm
Product Weight: 25 lb / 11.4 kg
Display: 3” x 1” Backlight LCD 76 mm x 25 mm
Measuring Tape Height guide shown on mat: 100cm – 180cm shown at 5 cm
Power Source: 3.7V rechargeable battery


Popular Questions Customers Have Before Purchasing the Patient Transfer Scale

How much does the Patient Transfer Scale weigh?
The PTS weighs 11 kg / 25 lb and it is highly recommended that two people carry the scale when
moving or using it. Ensure to follow your facility’s moving and handling policies.

Why does the mat appear / seem loose?
The mat needs to be loose for the scale to work properly. The loose fitting mat allows the load cells to
function correctly and provide an accurate weight. Remember to keep the mat loose when replacing it.

How robust and durable is the scale? Can it be dropped?
The HOM Professional PTS has undergone excessive testing but it should not be handled as a standard transfer board.
The PTS utilizes 16 load cells and it must be handled with care to maintain its accuracy.

How durable is the mat and is it easily ripped?
The mat is made of durable PVC tarpaulin material. There is a risk of damage if a belt or shoe buckle,
tool belt, keys, or a sharp object comes into direct contact with the mat. However, a slide sheet should
be used, which would lessen the risk of damage to the mat.

Does a PTS require a glide / slide sheet?
Yes, the PTS is designed to be used with a slide / glide sheet to ensure an easy and smooth transfer. A
slide / glide sheet is more comfortable for the patient and easier for the team to perform the transfer.

Does it matter which end the patient’s head is placed?
Due to the layout of the loadcells and to ensure an accurate weight, the patient’s head must be at that
end with the head and shoulders outline and their feet at the other end. The patient’s head doesn’t
need to be exactly within the head and shoulder printed outline, unless an estimate of the patient’s
height is required.

What if the patient is too tall or too wide to fit fully onto the PTS?
The PTS can accommodate 90% of patients. For a very tall patient, as long as the patient’s legs are
dangling over the edge of the mattress and not resting on or supported by the mattress, then an
accurate weight will be captured. In these circumstances, align the PTS according to the size of the
patient as best as possible. Where feasible, either remove the bed-end, or bend the patient’s legs at
the knees to bring them fully onto the scale. For patients that are too wide for the PTS, this may not
be an appropriate weighing method

Does the PTS weigh in grams and pounds?
The PTS can weigh a patient in pounds and kilograms. The clinician can change the unit by using the
UNIT button.

Can the Patient Transfer Scale be locked into KG only?
The Patient Transfer Scale cannot be locked into KG only but can be programmed to Default to KG.
The Default to KG function is not permanent and should be articulated clearly to the facility not to
break any guidelines. If you are interested in the Default to KG function, please ask your Regional
Sales Director and instructions.



Model ............ Description
PTS-1000KL    HOM Patient Transfer Scale, pounds and kilograms