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Pennsylvania U6600 Series Low-Profile Bulk Container Scale

Pennsylvania U6600 Series Low-Profile Bulk Container Scale

Pennsylvania Scale Company U6600 is ideal for No-Ramp weighing of irregularly sized loads. Low profile scale is designed for the efficient, accurate weighing of bulk containers and irregularly sized loads without the need for a ramp. The U shaped weighing platform supports the load on three sides, leaving the fourth side open for a pallet jack or forklift to enter and place the load. White bulk container not included.


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Pennsylvania U6600 U-Shape Platform Scale

After spending decades of manufacturing industrial floor scales like the model 6600, Pennsylvania Scale now offers a U Shape or Horseshoe shaped platform scale for warehouse use. 

Pennsylvania Scale Co U6600 u-shape scale

  • Ideal for IBCs, MACX bulk containers, tote bins, and irregularly sized loads
  • Eliminates the need for awkward ramp loading and saves floor space
  • Supports the load on 3 sides
  • 3" low-profile design, includes base anchors
  • Easy weighing for non-skidded bundled materials or irregularly shaped freight
  • Safety yellow finish makes it easy to visualize load position
  • Can be factory calibrated for mounting of tanks, hoppers, bins for simple installation
  • Permanent or portable applications
  • Alternative to tank mount kits
  • Compatible w/ PIVOT Wireless Technology for offsite or centralized material control reordering
  • Wide range of indicators with setpoint control, alarms, analog outputs, remote displays, and DC power options
  • Optional stainless-steel construction for sanitary, wet, or harsh environments
  • Custom sizes available with standard pricing and lead times
  • Two Year Limited Mfg Warranty
  • Made in USA quality

u6600 horseshoe shape platform scale

MODEL U6600-4456-1/2/5/10K
Inside opening: 32″ W x 50″ D
Fits 275- to 325-gallon IBCs, MACX bulk containers, open-bottom skids, bundles, and self-supporting loads of any size


MODEL U6600-6060-1/2/5/10K
Inside opening: 48″ W x 54″ D
Fits process totes, skids, and larger-sized vessels