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We offer a wide variety of large digital scales designed to roll a gurney or stretcher on the scale. These weighing scales are specifically for emergent situations in hospitals and emergency rooms. Our stretcher scale is perfect for emergency arrivals into a hospital when every second matters for gathering a patient's weight. Our Detecto brand medical scales offer precision weighing for stretchers, gurneys, and wheelchairs. The 8500 and 8550 platforms offer spacious 60" x 32.5" weighing platform sizes that accommodate all common stretcher types. The best part is that most of our stretcher scales are designed and engineered to be light enough that they are easily portable to lift up and roll to the location you need them. Look for features like a collapsible column that can be easily transported through doorways and hallways and low profile platforms that are easy to access and free of tripping issues.
  • rice-lake-stretcher-scale
    Rice Lake 350-10-8S Digital Stretcher ScaleThe Rice Lake 350-10-8S Digital Stretcher Scale is designed to be the first line of weighing when a patient is being received into a medical facility by a stretcher. The heavy-duty frame and wide ramps allow easy, safe and fast procedures. Two rubber wheels allow easy and quiet transportation of the scale if needed.
  • seca-656-gurney-stretcher-scale.jpg
    Seca 656 Stretcher Gurney ScaleThe particularly large platform of the seca 656 makes it possible to weigh patients not only in wheelchairs but also on all common roll-in systems or stretchers with integrated and separate under carriages. Thanks to its extremely robust construction and very high capacity of 800 lbs it is possible to weigh even heavy weight patients with little effort.
  • detecto-portable-stretcher-scale
    Detecto 8500 / 8550 Portable Stretcher ScalesDetecto Stretcher Scale is ideal for emergency arrivals into a hospital when time is of the essence for gathering patient weights. The model 8500 can be used in the ER, dialysis, long-term care, and nursing homes. The model 8500 is 115 lb net weight and the slim profile scale design fits easily through doorways of nearly any size.

Digital Stretcher Scale Buying Advice & Product Recommendations

We offer stretcher scales from some of the best scale manufacturers in the industry. Names like seca, Detecto and Rice Lake Healthweigh branded scales. Digital stretcher scales are designed to be the first line of weighing when a patient is being received into a medical facility by a stretcher. You need a stretcher scale to be heavy-duty with a wide ramp to allow easy safe and fast weighing. Portability features like wheels, handles, and collapsible columns are nice features if you're planning on moving your scale around. Be sure to contact our sales department (919) 776-7737 or by completing the RFQ form for product recommendations and price quotes.