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Tree LCT Counting Scale

Tree LCT Counting Scale

LCT counting scales are accurate, fast and affordable. Ideal for warehouse use and production facilities. With the LCT, it's easy to check the number of pieces in a carton or container, helping reduce waste when filling orders or packaging shipments.


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When it comes to weighing and counting, we have you covered at Central Carolina Scale. The LW Measurements Tree brand offer a wide variety of capacities. Whether the items are small or large, these electronic scales can provide accurate and repeatable readings giving you peace of mind that all the pieces are accounted for. 

Counting parts and pieces made simple. Weighing everything from electronic and mechanical parts, paper to plastic, minerals to metals. We want you to be confident in the count every time you turn on your scale.

The Tree brand LCT counting scale offers the fastest and most accurate readings with 32 bit Analog to Digital processor and largest weighing platform. Available in capacities from 3 lb to 110 lb. The larger platform allows for more space to place larger objects or containers like buckets to Tare off. Sleek with a low-profile body gives you the ability to have an efficient scale that you can count on for accuracy and read. Need to use the scale in multiple places? Not a problem with the rechargeable battery that is standard with the scale.

tree brand lct parts counting scale specifications


ITEM # ............ CAPACITY ............ PLATFORM SIZE
LCT 3                 3 lb x 0.0001lb           9 x 13.25
LCT 7                 7 lb x 0.0002lb           9 x 13.25
LCT 16             16 lb x 0.0005lb           9 x 13.25
LCT 33             33 lb x 0.001lb             9 x 13.25
LCT 66             66 lb x 0.002lb             9 x 13.25
LCT 110         110 lb x 0.005lb             9 x 13.25




Specifications subject to change due to continuous improvement