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LW Measurements has been providing the scale industry with weighing equipment since 2008 and has over 35 years of knowledge in the weighing industry. Having served the weighing industry in international marketing, product design, engineering, and manufacturing for many years they have created a brand you can count on. Their beginnings started in Columbus Ohio, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and most recently in China before moving to Northern California.

Tree Brand Scales and Precision Balances are equipped with the patented AnyCal software and engineered with the best software, processors, raw materials and tooling in the industry. LW Measurements facilitates the entire manufacturing process and works closely with the engineers to ensure the highest quality scale at an affordable price. LW Measurements holds several design patents as well as software patents in both China and the US.

  • tree-lct-counting-scale
    Tree LCT Counting ScaleLCT counting scales are accurate, fast and affordable. Ideal for warehouse use and production facilities. With the LCT, it's easy to check the number of pieces in a carton or container, helping reduce waste when filling orders or packaging shipments.
  • tree-lwc-800-portable-wheelchair-scale
    Tree LWC Wheelchair ScaleTree LWC wheelchair scale offers a large, low-profile base that makes weighing patients fast and simple. The weighing platform is constructed of aluminum. Overall dimensions are 43.9 x 39.4 x 3. Cap: 1000 x 0.2 lb
  • tree-mrc-6500-race-car-scales
    Tree MRC Race Car ScalesBluetooth race car scales designed by Tree. Choose from either a 2000 lb or 6500 lb scale system. The system includes four weighing platforms that connect to a single indicator via a Bluetooth connection. The indicator displays weight data including individual tire weight, front and rear axle weights, left and right weights, total weight.