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Intelligent Vibra ALE-NC Dispensary Balance

Intelligent Vibra ALE-NC Dispensary Balance

ALE-NC series balances feature Vibra Tuning Fork Inside. NTEP Legal for Trade. Ideal for dispensary use.


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The Intelligent ALE-NC series balances with Vibra tuning fork technology is an ideal dispensary balance with either 320 or 1500 gram max capacities and NTEP approval. NTEP Class II CoC # 17-061A2 / MC: AM6153 Great choice for medical marijuana and cannabis dispensary business.

The E=D that you see on this product simply means that the scale displays the weight and readability that it is designed to do and does not provide non legal for trade readings that go above and beyond the approved graduations. 


NTEP Approved Dispensary Scale

• E=D Dispensary Scale
• RS 232, USB connectivity (Bluetooth Compatible only ALE322NC)
• Direct Sales Compliant
• Class II NTEP Certified in Canada & USA
• Dry Cell Battery Option
• POS Ready w/ Windows, iOS, & Android
• Tuning Fork Technology


Features & Benefits of the ALE-NC NTEP Legal for Trade Balances

E=D NTEP Readability NTEP Certified for Legal for Trade applications such as Cannabis
Configurable RS232 Interface & USB Allows Communication w/ Peripheral Data Collection & Printing Instruments
In Use Dust Cover Protects balance from spillage & contamination
Easy Calibration Ensures accuracy & repeatability
Soft Keys Accessibility to different functions to be displayed on the home
Screen Screen w/ one simple press.
Portability Can be used w/ 4x AA batteries
NTEP/Measurement Canada Certification Legal for Trade in the USA & Canada NTEP: 17-061A2 MC: AM6153
Device Compatible Bluetooth Connectivity (ALE-322NC only – supply chain constraints)



MODEL # ......... CAPACITY X READABILITY ....................... PAN SIZE
ALE–322 NC         320 g x 0.01 g   (NTEP Class II 0.01 g E=D)    4.65" dia
ALE–1501 NC     1500 g x 0.1 g     (NTEP Class II 0.1 g E=D)      6.3" x 6.3"




Draft Shield (ALE-NC 322)
Ethernet or Relay Contact (only one option per unit)
Specific Gravity Measurement Kit,
Underweighing Hook
Carrying Case