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Discontinued - Avery Weigh-Tronix E1310 Weight Indicator

Model E1310 is a powerful field programmable indicator. It's 1.33" x 5" dot graphic display allows customer information to be displayed. The keypad has nineteen labeled keys including alpha/numeric input capability. It's five soft keys provide flexibility to adapt to the customer's process.


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Legal for trade CC# 01-033 Class III/III L 10,000 divisions
This Model E1310 is a powerful field programmable indicator. It's 1.33" x 5" dot graphic display allows customer information to be displayed. The keypad has nineteen labeled keys including alpha/numeric input capability. It's five soft keys provide flexibility to adapt to the customer's process. All keys have metal tactile domes and provide an audio verification to the operator. The four standard bi-directional serial ports provide RS-232, 20 mA current loop, RS-485, Quartzell™ or SensorComm™- digital J-Box interfaces. The NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure provides protection against harsh environments. The wide variety of options allows the E1310 to grow with the
customer's needs. A few of these options are multiscale, PC keyboard, internal telephone modem, pulse counter input, and industrial network connectivity such as Ethernet-file transfer and e-mail communications. The average shipping weight of non-panel mount model is 18 lb (8 kg).

If increasing the role of automation in your process is essential to improving your productivity, you are probably already exploring smarter machines and faster, more versatile networks. The task of maintaining effective weight data management and process control is a mission ideally suited to the E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller. The E1310 has all the bases covered from one application to another – one communication environment to the next. It possesses the power, flexibility and speed to implement the most advanced thinking in weight measurement, process control and effective communication. Measure, control, communicate. With the announcement of the retirement date for the WI-130 indicator which was released in June 1994 due to component obsolescence, the successor indicator is the E1310.

weigh-tronix e1310 scale readout

When we say the E1310 speaks your language, we are talking about two critically important capabilities: - First, the ability to mesh perfectly with your industry-specific standards and
operational requirements. - Second, the ability to choose from many network configurations and protocols to send and receive data.

It is not an overstatement to say the E1310 will meet and exceed the requirements of any application. It was specifically designed to provide a no compromise, tailored solution. At its simplest, the E1310 is an exceptional weight indicator that is compatible with most standard and custom-configured weighing platforms: bench and floor scales – truck, track, conveyor and monorail scales – scales for batching, counting and checkweighing. The signal conversion rate and internal resolution of the E1310 ensures fast, precise, repeatable measurements for both static and in-motion weighing. Accuracy is further assured with Harmonizer™ digital filtering. Harmonizer is a programmable damper that can automatically detect and cancel out specific types of interference caused by mixing operations, vibration or machine “noise.”

The E1310’s standard memory provides storage space for custom start-up and shutdown sequences, tare values, multiple recipes for batching applications, print formats and data logging.
Four standard bidirectional serial ports provide connectivity to many serial devices, including printers, bar code scanners, label printers and remote displays. In addition, ModBus ASCII is also available. Stored data may be directly printed from the indicator, downloaded and reformatted by a host PC or accessed via an intranet or internet connection.

Communication networks are the central nervous system of modern manufacturing and processing facilities. The E1310 Indicator/Controller exemplifies the broad-based connectivity that has become a focal point of Avery Weigh-Tronix’s new product R&D. In a fully integrated environment, the E1310 allows password-protected configuration and control of weight-based systems from any computer, on-site or around the world. Additionally, it can employ multiple information systems for maximum flexibility. Capabilities include monitoring and data acquisition via a web browser (HTTP), operational updates and error reporting via e-mail (SMTP), and pure, unaltered data transmission via FTP. The E1310 also allows AS/400, LAN or WAN access.

True multi-tasking
With upgrade options, the E1310 can simultaneously monitor up to eight independent scales or directly control many automated weight-based processes. Each system can be configured with its own measurement criteria, programmed routines, control devices, sensors and peripherals.

Part No. Description
AWT05-500206 Model E1310 with a 1.33"H x 5"W dot graphic display, time and date, 85/265 volt AC, 50/60 Hz. Four serial ports, four I/O module sockets,washdown NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure
AWT05-500211 Model E1310 Truck In/Out
AWT05-500210 Model E1310 with Panel Mount (not water tight)
52936-1065 Model E1310 with Traxle® Truck In/Out

Traxle® Overview:
The truck scale is comprised of 2-4 modules. The maximum quantity of axle measurements
is determined by the number of modules and length available to perform the two stop requirement. The system provides up to three axle weights and a legal total truck weight. A split trailer tandem axle can be on two modules and it will be summed as one axle. If your application requires a variance from this operational summary, please contact the factory.
NOTE: Axle weights are not recognized as legal for trade.