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Yamato Bar Inventory Keg Scale

Yamato Bar Inventory Keg Scale

Scale from Yamato designed to verify keg contents upon delivery. Maximize contents ensure keg is empty before change-over. 16" x 1.77" stainless steel. Cap: 440 x 0.2 lb


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Yamato Keg Scale

  • Designed for inventory control and inventory verification
  • Helps ensure incoming kegs are full upon delivery and partially full kegs don’t get sent back to a distributor
  • Available capacity: 440 pounds
  • Stainless-steel platform for durability
  • LCD display for enhanced weight readability
  • Push-button tare
  • AC adapter (included) or battery powered
  • Auto shut-off to help conserve battery life

yamato keg scale


0-200kg x 100g
0-440lb x 0.2lb

Units:  Kilogram, pound, pound-ounce

Platform: 16in x 1.77in (406mm x 45mm) stainless steel

Display: 5-digit, 7-segment 1" Digit LCD

Power: 9V battery (qty. 1) or AC adapter (included)

Housing Material: ABS Indicator with stainless-steel platform

Functions: Basic weighing, subtractive weighing, tare



ITEM # ....................... DESCRIPTION
MOM-4800-001010         KEG SCALE 16" x 1.77"   440 lb