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Medical Scales - Chair Scales

Medical Scales - Chair Scales

Weighing handicapped individuals, patients on dialysis, and the elderly can be a difficult and time-consuming task for healthcare professionals and a stressful exercise for the patients. Detecto's seated weighing options simplify the process and are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Each chair scale allows patients to remain seated during weighing and features adjustable lift-away armrests for increased accessibility and stability during the patient transfer process. Detecto's dialysis scales are all portable with integral wheels, and select sit-on scale models include convenient patient weighing features like large LCD displays, mechanical weigh beams, weight lock keys, and rear wheel brakes. We also offer doctor's office scale choices which are popular as well.

  • detecto-6475-chair-scale
    Detecto 6475 Chair ScaleThe models 6475 and 6475K models are equipped with a plastic-molded seat for added patient comfort, lift-away armrests and a fold-up footrest for easy access, and the large 0.7-inch/19-mm high LCD digits provide fast readouts accurate to within 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg. Quality steel construction is apparent throughout the scale. EMR/EHR-ready RS232 serial port. 400 lb x 0.2 lb / 180 kg x 0.1 kg.
  • detecto-6570-portable-digital-chair-scale
    Detecto 6570 3-in-1 Medical Office ScaleDetecto 6570 is a 3-in-1 scale providing seated, standing, and wheelchair weighing. The elegant, curved handrail provides patient stability while weighing standing. The seat folds down for seated weighing and folds back up for wheelchair weighing. By sliding the release levers, the columns easily fold down and lock for fast-and-easy transport and vertical storage. Capacity: 1000 x 0.2 lbs
  • detecto-6880-chair-scale
    Detecto 6880 Chair Scale6880 chair scale is the simple solution for patients with decreased mobility. The 6880ís retractable padded armrests and footrest ease in transferring patients into and out of the chair scale for weighing. Patients can sit in comfort in the ergonomic seat during the weighing process while healthcare professionals will enjoy the intuitive user interface that simplifies operation. 550 lb x 0.2 lb / 250 kg x 0.1 kg capacity
  • healthometer-594kl-chair-scale
    HealthOMeter 594KL Chair ScaleHOM upgraded the 594KL Digital Chair Scale. With its lightweight frame and four casters, this chair scale is very easy to move to a patientís location. Providers will also appreciate the scaleís convenient storage features which include the folding seat back and armrests. The scale features a 600 lb capacity
  • rice-lake-350-10-4-wheel-chair-scale-ramps
    Rice Lake 350-10-4 Dual-ramp Wheelchair Scale with SeatRice Lake 350-10-4 dual-ramp wheelchair scale with seat and handrail allows high capacity, accurate weighing for patients requiring a seat. The padded seat easily tucks away, allowing this model to function as either a wheelchair or chair scale! Convenient keypad tare reduces errors and increases efficiency. Foldable and light, this sturdy scale is easily transported on two heavy-duty rear wheels to any location.
  • rice-lake-chair-scale-550-10-1
    Rice Lake 550-10-1 Digital Chair ScaleThe Rice Lake 550-10-1 digital chair scale is designed for patients who find it difficult to, or cannot, stand. The molded plastic seat is easy to clean, comfortable and safe up to 660 pounds. Swing-up arms enable easy access from either side, and a flip-up footrest can be used for additional patient comfort. A large push-button display lights up for easy viewing and an audible beep sounds at the end of each weigh cycle.
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