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We offer a variety of digital physician scales, from traditional design to a one-of-a-kind Legal For Trade platform scale. As always our quality and outstanding customer support come standard with every scale, while digital technology provides speed and accuracy for a vast range of applications. The Rice Lake Digital Physician scale is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function, with fresh, clean lines and forward-thinking features for the medical and fitness environments of today and tomorrow.

The Rice Lake Digital Physician Scale prepares you for the future requirements of electronic medical record keeping by letting you easily transmit scale data to external devices. The feature-rich Digital Physician Scale is an incredible value, with premium precision and accuracy in a heavy-duty design. An integrated height rod tucks neatly within the scale column, and the large, stable scale base is both comfortable and easily transported by two integrated rubber wheels. Whether powered from an AC adaptor or standard alkaline batteries, this model is easy to use. Its large push-button display lights up for easy viewing and an audible beep sounds at the end of each weigh cycle. Add to that a 550 lb capacity and exclusive Motiontrap movement compensation technology, and this Rice Lake model is one of the most accommodating physician scales on the market.

  • befour-ps-8070-handrail-scale
    Befour PS-8070 Tilt & Roll Handrail ScaleThe Befour PS-8070 provides a truly versatile scale that can accurately weigh people up to 500 lb. Transport is easy, simply tilt the scale back on its large 3" wheels and roll it to the next location. It is equally at home at the health club, in the doctorís office, or on the shop floor. Convenient battery power allows user to place the scale anywhere Ė no outlet or re-charging needed!
  • salter-hs250-digital-medical-scale.jpg
    Brecknell HS-250 Digital Medical ScaleThis Brecknell HS-250 electronic device is a weight and height measurement scale. The scale provides accurate weight with easy-to-read LCD display with white LED backlight with RS-232. Operates on AC adapter or internal rechargeable battery (both included). 550 lb x 0.2 lb
  • sbwp-hs300-handrail-heightrod-weigher.jpg
    Brecknell HS-300 Digital Handrail ScaleThe Brecknell HS-300 handrail scale is used where either weight or height measurements are necessary. This scale provides accurate weight or height measurements on an easy to read LCD backlit display. 660 lbs x 0.2 lb
  • salter-ms1000-wheelchair-scale.jpg
    Brecknell MS1000 Bariatric Handrail ScaleBrecknell MS1000 electronic chair scale was designed for either walking on to platform or being wheeled on to be weighed. The scale provides accurate weight with an easy-to-read LED display. Capacity: 1,000 lbs x 0.5 lb
  • detecto-6570-portable-digital-chair-scale
    Detecto 6570 3-in-1 Medical Office ScaleDetecto 6570 is a 3-in-1 scale providing seated, standing, and wheelchair weighing. The elegant, curved handrail provides patient stability while weighing standing. The seat folds down for seated weighing and folds back up for wheelchair weighing. By sliding the release levers, the columns easily fold down and lock for fast-and-easy transport and vertical storage. Capacity: 1000 x 0.2 lbs
  • detecto-eye-level-medical-scale.jpg
    Detecto Digital Eye Level Medical ScalesThese Detecto digital physician scales with large stable platforms are the right choice for home, health, and clinical office weighing. The scales are designed for years of dependable and accurate weighing, versatile enough to meet all clinical health requirements.
  • doran-medical-ds5100-digital-doctors-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS5100 Digital Physician Scale Todayís busy physicianís office needs Doranís DS5100 Digital Physicianís Scale that provides a faster and easier way to weigh and measure patients accurately. With Doranís Touchless Start feature, you can acquire a patientís weight in as little as two seconds without any buttons to press. Cap: 500 lb
  • 500KL-eye-level-digital-scale.jpg
    Health O Meter 500KL Eye Level Digital ScaleThe Health-O-Meter 500KL Scale is a value in professional quality digital scales for the medical industry. Featuring the design profile of HOM's classic beam scale, this all-digital scale advances the Health o meter tradition of quality, reliability, and ease-of-use. Includes Height Rod. Capacity: 500 x 0.2 lbs
  • digital-physician-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake Digital Physician Scale (150-10-5)The Rice Lake Digital Physician 150-10-5 scale is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function, with fresh, clean lines and forward-thinking features for the medical and fitness environments of today and tomorrow. 550 x 0.2 lbs
  • 250-10-bariatric-weigh.jpg
    Rice Lake Medical Bariatric ScaleHigh capacity handrail scale is designed for weighing patients who need extra support and safety. Advanced movement compensation technology eliminates error caused by involuntary movement of unsteady patients. Available with chair seat too. EMR ready with USB.
  • seca-634-medical-grade-weigh-scale
    Seca 634 Digital Bariatric ScaleObesity is the fastest growing health problem in the world. The Seca 634 battery-operated digital scale has been especially developed for weighing obese patients, with a weighing range of up to 800 lbs and a non-slip 22 x 22 inch platform. The 0.1 lbs graduation means that the smallest changes in weight are registered.
  • seca-644-digital-handrail-weigh-scale
    Seca 644 Digital Handrail ScaleSeca 644 Digital multifunctional handrail scale with wireless transmission is equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, a stable handrail, and high weight-bearing capacity, this multifunctional scale ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients. The integrated handrail provides the patient with support throughout the weighing process. Capacity: 800 lb
  • seca-703-digital-doctors-office-scale
    Seca 703 Digital Medical ScaleFrom weighing small children to obese patients, the seca 703 medical scale can do handle it with ease. Especially when it comes to finding out BMI and height. 703 advantages include a high load bearing capacity of up to 660 lbs, slip resistant cast iron base and anti-tip column design. Also available in 703 S version with height rod.
  • seca-769-digital-doctors-office-scale
    Seca 769 Digital Column Scale with BMIThe seca 769 is ideal for daily use in hospitals and doctors offices complete with height rod. The BMI function permits a reliable evaluation of the nutritional condition of the patient. With the slip resistant base and anti-tip column design, patients can be safely measured and weighed. With its transport castors, the column scale is also easy to transport. Cap: 450 x 0.2 lbs
  • seca-777-digital-medical-scale
    Seca 777 Medical digital column scale with eye-level displayThe seca 777 digital column scale with eye-level display is the medical-grade solution for measuring and weighing. It features a tilt-proof full metal platform and robust single peace column, that wonít give way when pushing the keypad. All patients (especially ones affected by obesity) will feel secure on the platform even when stepping on the edge of the base. 550 x 0.2 lbs
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