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Medical Scales - Physician (Mechanical)

Medical Scales - Physician (Mechanical)

We're all familiar with the traditional mechanical beam scale that you see in the Doctor's Office. The patient steps onto the scale, then the nurse slides the weight across the beam until it balances. It requires no electrical power or batteries. You can purchase these with a height rod and wheels for easy portability. Some of the top brands available from Central Carolina Scale include Health-O-Meter Professional, Seca, Doran Medical, Rice Lake and Brecknell. Our company also provides outstanding service and calibration services as well. Utilizing time-tested mechanical design, our Rice Lake mechanical physician scales all feature a dual die-cast beam, lending the utmost durability for patients up to 440 lb (200 kg). Weight can be read from either the front or back, and no power supply is ever required so scales can be placed anywhere. The scale base is designed with a removable slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning and maintaining a safe weighing environment.

  • salter-brecknell-hs200m-doctor-scale.jpg
    Brecknell HS-200M Doctors Office ScaleThe HS-200M is a mechanical device for use where either weight or height measurements are necessary. Constructed of steel with a durable white finish, this scale will provide years of service in normal applications. 440 lbs x 4 oz
  • detecto-medical-doctor-mechanical-scale.jpg
    Detecto Mechanical Beam Physician ScaleDetecto eye-level mechanical weigh beam physician scales feature a heavy-duty solid stable 10.5 x 14.5 inch platform, a dual-reading die-cast weighbeam which may be read from either side of the scale. Long-lasting, durable steel construction. Height rod, wheels and handpost features available.
  • doran-medical-ds2100-doctor-office-scale.jpg
    Doran Medical DS2100 Mechanical Physician Scale Capability without complexity describes the Doran Medical DS2100 mechanical beam scale. This scale provides an easier way to measure height and weight of patients in a hospital, medical office, school or healthcare facility. The DS2100 has a weighing capacity of 450 lbs. Includes wheels and height rod.
  • 402KL-mechanical-doctor-scale.jpg
    Healthometer 402KL Mechanical Beam ScaleHealthoMeter Professional 402KL mechanical beam scale is the scale you've seen in your doctors office for years. Includes easy-to-use height rod which provides height measurements from 23" to 84" and comes with an exclusive 10 Year Limited Warranty. Capacity: 390 lbs
  • RL-MPS-Doctor-Office-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS (LB and KG)The Rice Lake Mechanical Physician Scale features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 440 lb (200 kg). The weight can be read from either the front or back. The scale base is designed with a removable slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning. Includes height rod
  • seca-700-mechanical-physician-scale.jpg
    Seca 700 Mechanical Physician Scale Patients will benefit from the seca 700. More precision with a higher capacity of up to 500 lbs. Available in various versions: kilograms, pounds and kilograms / pounds and optional measuring rod seca 220 with a range from 24 to 78 inch for time saving weighing and measuring in one step. Equipped with castors for mobile use.
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