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Electronic pit type truck scale

Truck Scales - Electronic Pit Type

Sometimes you want a truck scale to be in the ground but you also want the current high end electronics as well. So you might be a good candidate for an Electronic Pit Type Truck Scale. Pit-type applications with deep clearance can take advantage of the extra-strength design of Rice Lake's PT Series. The same massive beams that run alongside the SR's design have been used underneath the PT model, providing our highest strength structure. The PT Series is available in both steel and concrete deck versions, both with manhole covers for easier access and serviceability. Rice Lake customizes scales for retrofit to any existing pit size. In addition to Rice Lake, we also represent the best truck scale builders in the country like Avery Weigh-Tronix, B-Tek and Thurman Scale. We also offer mechanical pit type scales

  • rice-lake-survivor-rt-railroad-track-scale-truck-scale
    Rice Lake Survivor RT Rail/Truck ScaleRice Lake SURVIVOR RT is a pit-type, rail/truck combination scale. Perfect for weighing a variety of car sizes, the SURVIVOR RT is capable of weighing rail cars as well as trucks. This scale is ideal for bulk cement, aggregate, grain, scrap metal and chemical applications. Cars can be positioned anywhere on the scale and a wide range of platform sizes and capacities provide accurate weighing.
  • cardinal-guardian-pit-type-hydraulic-truck-scale.jpg
    Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale Concrete Pit TypeCardinal Guardian Hydraulic Pit Type Truck Scales with Concrete Deck are ideal for the solid waste, aggregate, chemical, grain, and construction industries because they offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations.
  • rice-lake-survivor-pt-pit-type-truck-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR PT Series Pit Style Truck ScaleRice Lake SURVIVOR PT Series truck scale is available in many standard sizes to satisfy varying requirements. We understand that pit-type installations often involve replacing an existing mechanical or electronic scale. With a 42-inch profile, (pier to top of approach) the PT easily fits into many existing pits.
  • thurman-8510-truck-scale.jpg
    Thurman 8510 Electronic Pit Type Concrete Deck Truck ScaleThurman 8510 Electronic Pit Type Concrete Deck Truck Scales Thurman Scales’ 8510 Series Full electronic pit type offering is made for high demand truck scale applications in which scale installation real estate is limited.
  • thurman-8110-truck-scale.jpg
    Thurman 8110 Mechanical Concrete Deck Pit Design Truck ScaleThurman 8110 Series Mechanical Concrete Deck Pit Design Truck Scale is a concrete deck, mechanical lever system truck scale offering strength and dependability with many years of rugged use. This line of truck scales has been built to withstand the daily rigors of standard truck traffic.
  • rice-lake-survivor-in-motion-axle-scale
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle In-Motion Axle ScaleRice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle is an ideal solution for a variety of industries, from agriculture to forestry. Constructed with SURVIVOR durability for reliable performance with the advantage of weighing vehicles in-motion. Weighs trucks at speeds up to 4 mph without the need to stop. Captures and totalizes axle weights within 1% total error. Installed in a shallow pit with a 50' approach on each side