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SCAIME is a world player in weighing and measurement for industry. Their innovative solutions will meet the needs of many industries such as chemicals, food & beverage, metallurgy, aeronautics, medical, packaging or civil works. Combining a renowned quality and technological expertise, they offer a full range of weighing & measurement solutions.
  • scaime-ak-stainless-steel-loadcell
    Scaime AK Single Point Stainless Steel Load CellScaime AK single point load cell, stainless steel, welded construction, hermetically sealed to IP68. Optimized for dynamic weighing-low deflection, high natural frequency. Approved up to 5000d NTEP and 3000d OIML R60. 2 mv/v, 385/350 ohms, 10 ft cable
  • scaime-ap-single-point-loadcell
    Scaime AP Model Single Point Load CellScaime AP features Low Profile, high capacity single point load cell, designed for platforms of up to 28 inches x 28 inches (700 mm X 700 mm). Excellent off-center loading characteristics. Aluminum construction. Capacities of 75,100,150, 200, 300, 500, 635 kg. . 6 wire, shielded, jacketed cable, 10 feet long, standard. Similar to Tedea 1250 but height is quite a bit lower.
  • scaime-aq-single-point-loadcell
    Scaime AQ / EP Single Point Load CellScaime is similar to BLH C2G1 and NMB used in Eaton / Consolidated Controls bases and Fairbanks 4900 Series scales. 2 mv/v, 0.02% nonlinearity, 410/350 ohms, 0.5 m 4 cond cable, anodized aluminum, IP65. NTEP 02-005 S III 5,000 div.
  • scaime-f60x-beam-loadcell.jpg
    Scaime Bending Beam Load Cell Model F60XScaime Bending Beam Load Cell Model F60X. Hermetically sealed. Similar to HBM Z6 for capacities 10kg to 500kg. 2 mv/v, 0.017% total error, 385/350 ohms, 3 m 4 cond cable, stainless steel, IP68. OIML 613 AK/PA Class III 3,000 div.
  • scaime-enod4-scale-controller
    Scaime eNod4 Digital Process Transmitters & ControllersScaime eNod4 features vertical housing for installation on DIN rail. Up to 8 strain gauge load cells (4/6 wires), continuous totalizing and flow rate control, 1 input for belt speed sensor, 2 digital inputs (4 with IO+ version) and 4 outputs, Analog output 0-10 V or 4-20 mA (IO+ version). Various versions of this item are also available.
  • scaime-ag-single-point-replacement-loadcell.jpg
    Scaime Single Point Load Cell Model AGScaime AG load cell features mounting screws which are 1/4-20 UNC (coarse) with 3/4" spacing on both top and bottom. 2 mv/v, 0.02% total error, 415/350 ohms, 3m 6 cond cable, anodized aluminum. NTEP 91-051 S III 5,000 div 5kg - 100kg. Similar to Tedea Model 1040.
  • scaime-zfa-s-type-load-cell.jpg
    Scaime ZFA S-Type Load CellScaime ZFA s type load cell features Nickel Plated Steel Construction, combined error: 0.03% full scale, dedicated to tension, compression or tension/compression weighing or force applications. Protection level IP65