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Truck Scales - Electronic Above Ground

Above ground electronic truck scales are very popular with customers. Cardinal Scale Manufacturing steel deck ARMOR® series truck scales with digital SmartCell® load cells offer unmatched performance built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty weighing use. Every facet of the digital truck scale weighbridge and electronics have been specifically built for long-lasting endurance, & minimal upkeep. ARMOR® truck scales feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton CLC, no moving parts below the scale deck including the load cells, SmartCell® stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, & baked-on tan powder coat paint.

Meanwhile, the Avery Weigh-Tronix line of truck scales are designed with demanding industrial environments in mind, Weigh-Tronix truck scales weigh vehicles dependably and accurately over a long scale life. Manufactured and built from high quality US steel in Fairmont, MN, your truck scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix will feature fully assembled, 100% welded construction, industry leading robust Weigh Bar weight sensors, cost effective ownership, modular boltless sections, local service & support via a network of approved distributors to install and maintain your truck scale, shorter lead times. Truck scales are available in a wide range of standard and customized configurations to suit your application needs. We offer truck scales in standard sizes between 8’ to 14’ wide that suit most customers. We can produce almost any length combination thanks to our modular design, with either steel or concrete driving surfaces. We also offer Hydraulic scales and Portable Truck Scales

  • OTR-Steel-Deck-Truck-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake Survivor OTR-XV Extreme Duty Vehicle ScaleIdeal for ultra-high capacity vehicle weighing applications up to 400,000 pounds, Rice Lake’s OTR-XV extreme duty vehicle scales are the toughest in the industry.
  • Survivor_otr_concrete_truck_scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR Concrete Deck Truck ScaleRice Lake OTR Concrete Deck truck scale is well suited for resisting corrosion and rust and generally requires less maintenance than steel decks, helping to extend the life of the scale. A concrete surface also yields better traction in wet and icy conditions.
  • OTR-Steel-Deck-Truck-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck Truck ScaleFor applications where steel is preferred or downtime is critical, choose the SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck truck scale. Operational within a day, the easy-to-install SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design. Tightly spaced wide-flange I-beams facilitate weighing as many as 250 trucks per day
  • rice-lake-otr-lp-replacement-truck-scale
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR-LP Steel Deck Truck Scale for Existing FoundationsRice Lake SURVIVOR OTR-LP low-profile truck scale is the premier solution for replacing existing competitor truck scales. The OTR-LP is designed to ease the truck scale replacement process. Each OTR LP is designed to ensure it fits into existing competitor truck scale foundations. Features standard module lengths of 15, 17.5, 20 & 23.33 feet to match the module lengths of legacy scales.
  • weigh-tronix-steelbridge-XT-concrete-deck.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT Concrete Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT concrete deck truck scale is designed for high traffic and heavy loads. This heavy duty vehicle scale has an extra rugged design and construction to withstand extreme use year after year.
  • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-hd-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD truck scale is a heavy duty vehicle scale with a checkered steel deck driving surface. This rugged scale is ideal for users who require long-lasting performance for moderate to heavy traffic and axle loads. Cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of the Bridgemont design.
  • btek-centurion-at-motor-truck-scale.jpg
    B-Tek Centurion Truck ScaleThe B-Tek Centurion is standard with 3/8" steel or 8" concrete deck surface. Safety sight rail is an available option. The steel or concrete deck Centurion weighbridge can be supplied with a hot dip galvanized finish for extreme corrosion protection. Available in Analog or Digital load cells.
  • cardinal-smartcell-digital-truck-scales
    Cardinal ARMOR Truck Scales with Digital SmartCellsCardinal ARMOR digital truck scales are built to last through heavy-duty use and feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton CLC, no moving parts below the scale deck (including the load cells), steel deck or pour-in-place concrete deck weighbridges, SmartCell® stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, axis® frictionless centering system load cell stands, baked-on tan powder coat paint, and iSite remote monitoring software.
  • thurman-8565-steeldeck-truck-scale
    Thurman 8565 Steel Deck Falcon Series Truck ScaleThurman 8565 Falcon Series are fully electronic, low profile truck scales designed for easy installation, while providing accurate and reliable results in heavy duty weighing applications. With its dependable factory-welded, steel deck weighbridge design the 8565 Falcon truck scales can be quickly installed. Built to last with superior rocker column load cell design.

The Rice Lake weighbridge on the OTR steel deck model consists of a diamond checkered steel top plate welded on top of twelve 12-inch wide-flange, 14 pound structural I-beams. The wide flange beam construction helps minimize span deflection and lengthens the life of your truck scale. The beams are positioned longitudinally with the traffic flow, a design based on interstate bridge designs intended to last 100 years. With our longitudinal design, each tire is fully supported by the top plate and a wide flange beam below, eliminating the longitudinal ruts associated with competitive designs that utilize structural shapes instead of heavy bridge iron.

In addition, a steel deck weighs less, which makes it easier to move or relocate if necessary. Each load cell has an individual capacity of 75,000 pounds, compared to only 50,000 pounds in many competitive models. Higher capacity load cells handle heavier loads with far fewer failures. Wire-braided copper transient bypass cables are provided at each load cell mount for individual load cell protection from direct lightning strikes to the scale or weighbridge. Load cells and electronic components have top access through the scale deck, allowing for convenient maintenance, even where space is limited.