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Pitless Truck Vehicle Scales

Truck Scales - Electronic Above Ground

Above ground electronic truck scales are very popular with customers. As the name implies, Cardinal’s ARMOR® truck scales provide you with superior-strength, long-life steel construction for optimum vehicle weighing. The ARMOR’s durable baked-on, anti-corrosion tan powder paint stands the test of time. The NTEP legal-for-trade Armor® arrives fully-prepared for installation and includes DB75000-lb stainless steel load cells standard, which are factory assembled. A wide selection of Armor® capacities, platform sizes, and types are available. Each Armor® scale bridge features interconnecting load blocks and receivers for an efficient, no-bolt installation. Rodent protection is standard throughout the scale via conduit integral throughout each scale module. Every Armor pitless truck vehicle scale is 100% assembled and tested before shipping.

  • cardinal-smartcell-digital-truck-scales
    Cardinal ARMOR Truck Scales with Digital SmartCellsCardinal ARMOR digital truck scales are built to last through heavy-duty use and feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton CLC, no moving parts below the scale deck (including the load cells), steel deck or pour-in-place concrete deck weighbridges, SmartCell® stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, axis® frictionless centering system load cell stands, baked-on tan powder coat paint, and iSite remote monitoring software.
  • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-hd-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD truck scale is a heavy duty vehicle scale with a checkered steel deck driving surface. This rugged scale is ideal for users who require long-lasting performance for moderate to heavy traffic and axle loads. Cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of the Bridgemont design.
  • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-SD-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS SD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS SD truck scale suits applications with moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits. This steel deck vehicle scale is cost effective without compromising on quality. The BridgeMont truck scale design uses a sandwich steel construction and WeighBar load sensors
  • awtx-lp8-low-profile-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix LP8 Low Profile Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BM LP8 low profile truck scale is an ideal replacement scale for worn out scales on existing foundations. Its high strength and extra low profile design (11” – 14” elevation) make it an easy fit to replace other brands of truck scale.
  • weigh-tronix-steelbridge-XT-concrete-deck.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT Concrete Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT concrete deck truck scale is designed for high traffic and heavy loads. This heavy duty vehicle scale has an extra rugged design and construction to withstand extreme use year after year.
  • weigh-tronix-steelbridge-XT-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT truck scale is an extra rugged vehicle scale designed for heavy, frequent use in demanding environments. This truck scale is rugged yet cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of its design. The sandwich steel deck design provides outstanding strength and durability.
  • btek-centurion-at-motor-truck-scale.jpg
    B-Tek Centurion AT Truck ScaleThe B-Tek Centurion-AT is standard with 3/8" steel or 8" concrete deck surface. Safety sight rail is an available option. The steel or concrete deck Centurion-AT weighbridge can be supplied with a hot dip galvanized finish for extreme corrosion protection.
  • cardinal-guardian-concrete-deck-hydraulic-truck-scale.jpg
    Cardinal Guardian Concrete Deck Hydraulic Truck ScaleCardinal Guardian Hydraulic Above Ground Truck Scales with Concrete Deck are ideal for industries because they offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations like water, lightning, power surges, explosive areas, corrosion, welding and more.
  • cardinal-guardian-steel-deck-hydraulic-truck-scale.jpg
    Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Steel Deck Truck ScaleCardinal Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scales are ideal for the solid waste & chemical industries because they offer a high level of protection against conditions like water and lightening. Cardinal builds their scales rock solid steel deck plate to stand up to heavy loads. Every Guardian factory assembled & tested before shipping
  • cardinal-epr-truck-scale-concrete-deck.jpg
    Cardinal EPR Electronic Concrete Deck Truck ScaleThe EPR Electronic Truck Scale with Concrete Deck is part of the ARMOR series and feature the DB75000S stainless steel double-ended shear beam load cells, load cell stands, suspension parts, no-bolt powder-painted weighbridge modules, backup sheeting and deck reinforcing steel ready for concrete
  • cardinal-armor-steel-deck-truck-scale.jpg
    Cardinal EPR Electronic Steel Deck Truck ScaleEPR (Armor Series) Electronic Steel Deck truck scale models feature USA-made stainless steel double-ended shear beam load cells, load cell stands, foundation kit (bumpers and approach coping), suspension parts, no-bolt powder-painted weighbridge modules, robotically-welded structural steel tubing
  • Survivor_otr_concrete_truck_scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR Concrete Deck Truck ScaleRice Lake OTR Concrete Deck truck scale is well suited for resisting corrosion and rust and generally requires less maintenance than steel decks, helping to extend the life of the scale. A concrete surface also yields better traction in wet and icy conditions.
  • OTR-Steel-Deck-Truck-Scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck Truck ScaleFor applications where steel is preferred or downtime is critical, choose the SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck truck scale. Operational within a day, the easy-to-install SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design. Tightly spaced wide-flange I-beams facilitate weighing as many as 250 trucks per day
  • Survivor-ATV-portable-truck-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck ScaleThe SURVIVOR ATV truck scale contains all of the benefits of the SURVIVOR line all with the added feature of portability. The ATV features an extremely low 20-inch profile, and provides easy setup & expandability for road construction, timber operations and growing businesses where portability is a necessity.
  • rice-lake-survivor-sr-truck-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR SR Truck ScaleRice Lake SURVIVOR SR for above ground installation is available with either a steel or concrete deck. For unbeatable strength and lifelong use, the SR model offers Rice Lake's wide-flange I-beam construction throughout the weighbridge; and massive wide-flange I-beams on either side of the SR distinguish it
  • thurman-scale-diamondback-steel-deck-truck-scale.jpg
    Thurman Diamondback Steel Deck Electronic Truck ScaleThurman Diamondback Steel Deck Fully Electronic Truck Scales Featuring an open bottom orthotropic design that forms a super strong low deflection corrosion resistant deck. Scale is rated to weigh up to 135 tons and has a 90,000 lb CLC rating, far exceeding most state max limits. Deck features nine massive 10 and 12 inch I-beams underneath a 1/4 inch thick diamond-tread deck plate.

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