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Butcher Scales

Butcher Scales

Butchers scales can vary from mechanical dial scales and hanging scales to label printing grocery scales and more. Often a meat scale is simply a stainless steel "waterproof" style countertop scale used in the butcher shop or the restaurant kitchen. Butchers usually sell their products by weight. So, if you operate a butcher shop, reliable and durable portioning scales are a must. That's why we offer Doran washdown safe scales, CAS SW1 portion control scales, and EasyWeigh price computing scales.

The CAS LP1000 Thermal Label Printing Scale was designed specifically for the food service environment where you need to pre-pack and price items. The CAS LP 1000 is perfect for your deli or grocery. Don't forget to buy scale labels too. Detecto's "legal for trade" PC model Price Computing Scales feature a brilliant red display that shows weight, unit price and total price simultaneously on each side of the scale to both operator and customer.

HSDC digital series are very heavy duty and can weigh fish, meat, and supermarket products up to 500 pounds. The HSDC scales are incredibly accurate and carry NTEP approval for weighing accuracy. DETECTO has developed hanging scales that can be used in food production ranging from supermarkets, butchers, produce stands, and restaurants, or even used in hardware stores and the recycling industry.

  • cardinal-hsdc-digital-hanging-scale.jpg
    Cardinal HSDC Digital Hanging ScalesCardinal HSDC Digital heavy duty crane scales feature NTEP legal-for-trade certification, 1-inch LCD, push button tare, auto shutoff, and controls for Power On, Zero, Gross, Tare, Net, and Off. Available in capacities of 20, 40, 100, 200, and 500 lb (not legal-for-trade), or 20, 40, and 100 kg.
  • CAS-EB-Series.jpg
    CAS EB Series NTEP Price Computing Bench ScalesThree capacities 60, 150, or 300 lbs are available. The CAS Corporation EB Series Price Computing Scale has a large platform for easy bulk weighing. Large Keyboard and Display. NTEP legal for trade. Large Platform great for bulk weighing. Produce crisp, clean receipts and labels with the optional Printers. Use in laundry facilities, farmer's markets, retail, recycling, & more.
  • CAS LP-1000N label printing scale
    CAS LP1000 NTEP Label Printing ScaleTake CAS's most popular label printing scales, the CAS LP-1000 series, make some improvements, and you have the CAS LP-1000N (counter top) and LP-1000NP (with pole display) label printing scales widely considered the best scale on the market today in its class. A feature rich, easy to use label printing scale.
  • CAS-S-2000.jpg
    CAS S-2000 NTEP Price Computing ScaleWhen you think of the CAS Corporation S-2000 digital price computing scale from Central Carolina Scale, you think of features like dual range models that can display weight 0-30 x 0.01 lb / 30-60 x 0.02 lb. You also notice the 999 PLU's and a super bright VFD Display. The scale comes complete with a 14.6 x 10.9 inch Stainless Steel Platter, 1/2 lb and 1/4 lb keys and is NTEP legal for trade.
  • detecto-scs30-solar-hanging-scale
    Detecto SCS30 NTEP Solar Hanging ScaleDETECTO digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light. The model SCS30 is NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, farmers markets, hardware stores, and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. 30 x 0.02 lb, 1-inch-high LCD. Stainless steel produce pan, hanging assembly, and two S-hooks are included
  • doran-4300-stainless-steel-checkweigh-scale.jpg
    Doran 4300 Checkweigh Scale304 Stainless Steel construction and the exclusive, innovative Doran gasket design exceeds IP69K and NEMA 4X classifications for washdown protection. Set over/under tolerances right from the front panel using the Up/Down arrow buttons. Checkweigh with 3- or 5-zone checkweighing operations.
  • yamato-accuweigh-sm-n-stainless-steel-dial-scale.jpg
    Yamato Accu-Weigh SM(N) Stainless Steel Dial ScaleThe Accu-Weigh SM(N) stainless steel Universal Dial Scales (UDS) has capacities ranging from 2 lb to 50 lb (900 g to 22 kg). Stainless steel construction and NSF certification. Great for food service. A snap-on stainless steel platform is standard. Dashpot, two bowl options (10" scoop and 5 quart bowl) are options.
  • yamato-dp6900-digital-bench-scale
    Yamato DP-6900 Multipurpose ScaleThe Yamato DP-6900 bench scale is a digital scale that just about any business could use somewhere in their facility. The scale is easy to use and ideal for general purpose weighing and accurate check weighing. Replaces the popular DP-6200. Available in three different capacities 60 lb, 150 lb or 300 lb. Platform size: 13.8" x 19.7"
  • yamato-ppc-300wp-washdown-portion-scale
    Yamato PPC-300WP Washdown Portion ScalePPC-300WP is designed for portion control. Waterproof IP68 rated washdown with Stainless steel construction. NSF certified and NTEP approved legal for trade in the US and Canada. Available capacities: 4.4, 10, 22, and 44 pounds. Over/under indicator. Removable stainless-steel platform. Extra-large LCD display for enhanced weight readability. Basic weighing, checkweighing, grading, & packing functions

Your Meat Scale Headquarters

We have sold lots of different types of these food prep scales over the years. This is really a broad category when you think about it. How do you answer when someone asks what is the best meat scale? Often we have to ask a few more questions to make sure we're recommending the right product for their application.

You see, when you say meat scale that can mean something different from customer to customer.  A hanging meat scale can often mean either a hanging dial scale or perhaps a washdown safe crane scale. A meat processing scale often refers to a stainless steel countertop scale that is likely NSF and NTEP certified. Basically what we're saying is if you're in the market for a scale for weighing meat we probably have the item(s) you are looking for.