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Dimensional Weighing

Dimensional Weighing

Dimensional Weight is becoming a bigger factor in shipping boxes and packages across the United States. UPS now factors the size of the box in along with the weight on the UPS Ground fees. Therefore, you will need to find a solution that will allow you to accurately measure not only the weight of your boxes but the physical size as well. Below are the dimensional measuring tools we currently offer. These items calculate dimensions very quickly and instantly captures dimensions, weight, barcodes, OCR text and image of static items. Dimensions packages, flats and irregular objects. Converts irregular objects like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven objects to accurate cubed dimensions and uses no moving parts. Interfaces with most shipping scales and select Rice Lake indicators. Please take a look at the items and contact us for a quote.

  • idimension-dim-weight-measurement-pallets-ltl-freight
    Rice Lake iDimension LTL Pallet Dimensioning SystemThe Rice Lake iDimension LTL optimizes dimensional shipping and enhances quality assurance verification in loading bays, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments.
  • idimension-dim-weight-measurement-device.jpg
    Rice Lake iDimension 200/300 Dimensional WeighingDimensional Weighing Measurement, iDimension 200 is designed for use on tabletops or work stations in retail, office & shipping environments. iDimension 300 is designed to be securely installed to a concrete floor & positioned over a workstation or roller/conveyor system in warehouse environment.
  • rice-lake-iDimension-100-3d-image-system
    Rice Lake iDimension 100Rice Lake iDimension 100 - The industry's fastest, most competitive dimensioning system. iDimension 100 is the future of dimensioning. Designed as an economical solution for low- and high-volume shipping applications, iDimension 100 dimensions packages, flats and irregular shapes in sub-second speeds.
  • rice-lake-iDimension-100xl-dim-weight-calculator
    Rice Lake iDimension 100XLThe Rice Lake iDimension 100 XL is specifically designed for integrators to provide flexibility in the installation of a dimensioning solution anywhere over a conveyor, table or scale from a pole, ceiling mount or support beam.
  • rice-lake-benchpro-shipping-postal-scale
    Rice Lake BenchPro Series Shipping & Postal Digital ScaleRice Lake BenchPro Series Shipping & Postal Digital Scale. Models available BP-1214-75S, BP-1214-35P Postal, BP-1214-15R, BP-1214-6R. Capacity: 15 to 150 lb. Accuracy NTEP Class: III
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