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Rice Lake iDimension LTL Pallet Dimensioning System

The Rice Lake iDimension LTL optimizes dimensional shipping and enhances quality assurance verification in loading bays, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments.


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Years ago when we thought about shipping pallets via UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, Saia, USF Holland, etc... we just placed a pallet on top of the floor scale, wrote down the pallet weight, and we then sent our cargo off with the freight carrier. Then we simplified the process by connecting the electronic scale to our desktop computer so the actual package weight displayed inside the shipping software. Well, now we have to update our process again since more LTL freight carriers are starting look at both pallet weight and dimensions when it comes to calculating the cost to ship a pallet.

These systems are not inexpensive but when you consider the additional costs of having employees measure by hand each and every pallet, then record the information (hopefully writing down the numbers correctly) the return on investment (ROI) for an iDimension LTL system can be achieved fairly quickly. And don't forget the freight carriers have started billing customers for pallets that had a DIM weight that was higher than the actual weight. So an iDimension LTL ROI could be achieved fairly quickly, depending on how many pallets you ship on a daily basis.


LTL Dimensioning—Fast, Easy and Efficient

Efficient Imaging with Pallet Dimensioning System

The iDimension LTL uses advanced sensing technology to accurately determine the cubic dimensions of freight. Its ability to capture NTEP Certified dimensions helps ensure freight code compliance and deters revenue-loss from miscalculated dimensions.

The iDimension LTL is ideal for LTL carriers and shipping departments with a high percentage of product shipped via pallet or crate. It removes the potential for human error and the extra labor of manually determining cubic dimensions by accurately capturing freight dimensions.

Enhanced Images

Up to two cameras can be added to provide images of the freight for visual verification of the freight’s condition at the time of measurement. Images can include dimensions and a time & date stamp.

360° Design

With no moving parts and a solid-state design, maintenance of the iDimension LTL is virtually non-existent. The ceiling mounted system offers 360-degree access for easy pallet placement within the 8 x 8 feet target area. Its advanced imaging technology dimensions LTL freight at an incredibly fast rate of 2-3 seconds within 0.5 inch accuracy.

Forklift Operator Display

The operator display, mounted on the system, provides a visual of freight dimensions to the forklift driver. Once a pallet has been dimensioned, the L x W x H measurements and a “Remove” message is displayed to indicate the system has completed dimensioning and the forklift driver can remove the freight.


A Windows®-based software program and industrial touchscreen PC provide connectivity with bar code scanners, floor scales, and other networked devices to trigger the system to dimension. You can then transmit data and images for each transaction into your management system.



PART # ........... DESCRIPTION
188300             iDimension 400 plus, 5 Sensor System, NTEP approved with 8ft x 8ft x 8ft x 0.5 inch




188446  IDim 400 Modular Install Kit
188757  iDim Hanging Hardware Kit Hanger Assy, wires, and hardware
174132  Power Cord, Pigtail 50ft, SVT, 18 gauge/3 conductor, CEE color code
174659  Mobile PC stand, iDim 400 For use with JLT 1412P in LTL terminals
189332  Mobile PC,Touch Screen iDim400 JLT 1214N Mobile PC Kit, Includes 188825 and 188824
189367  iDim Display Option Kit 10 inch Mimo Display, mounting,cabling, hardware
188755  iDim Camera Option Kit camera, cabling, and hardware
174131  Power Cord, Pigtail 25ft, SVT, 18 gauge/3 conductor, CEE color code
176019  Test Box, iDim 400 iDimension 400-20in x 20in test box with handles
184197  Test Box, iDim 400 iDimension 400 20in x 20in x 20in wood test box