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In-Motion Vehicle Weighing Scales

Keep trucks moving with an in-motion axle scale to ensure load compliance and streamline inventory tracking. The IM-Axle in motion axle scale is a non-Legal for Trade solution for inventory tracking in a variety of industries from agriculture to forestry and everything in between. Trucks drive over the in-motion axle scale at up to 4 mph, and axle weights are captured and totalized with 1% total error. In motion vehicle scale is less expensive than a traditional 70 foot long truck scale.


  • rice-lake-survivor-in-motion-axle-scale
    Rice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle In-Motion Axle ScaleRice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle is an ideal solution for a variety of industries, from agriculture to forestry. Constructed with SURVIVOR durability for reliable performance with the advantage of weighing vehicles in-motion. Weighs trucks at speeds up to 4 mph without the need to stop. Captures and totalizes axle weights within 1% total error. Installed in a shallow pit with a 50' approach on each side
  • intercomp-ls-wim-in-motion-weigh-scale
    Intercomp LS-WIM Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion ScaleIntercomp LS-WIM Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion technology features hermetically sealed shear beam load cells which are certified for accuracy and performance by US government metrology authorities. Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion provides greater precision for applications which include checkweighing and monitoring compliance, issuing citations, or charging by weight.
  • intercomp-ls630-wim-digital-scales
    Intercomp LS630-WIM Portable Weigh In Motion ScalesIntercomp LS630-WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) portable scales provide an effective way to track vehicle axle weights in remote locations. This scale system allows for efficient vehicle weighing under a variety of conditions that will decrease expenses for any transport-related business through weight compliance, inventory tracking and ensuring proper vehicle loading.
  • cardinal-swim-truck-scale
    Cardinal SWIM Weigh-In-Motion Axle ScalesSlow-Speed In-Motion Load Cell-Based Scale. The Cardinal SWIM Series offers the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. The SWIM In-Motion Scale uses a single weighbridge contained in a solid lower frame. Each platform is supported by four Cardinal SCA Series Stainless Steel Compression Load Cells to weigh each axle end of a vehicle as it travels across the scale.

Intercomp LS-WIM Weigh In Motion Truck Scale Helps Large Fleets Maximize Safety & Compliance

The modern transportation and logistics industry relies heavily on ground vehicles to move goods. The last published data from the United States Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) shows truck traffic accounted for 42.0% of transported goods in 2002 and 41.8% in 2007. Commercial transport trucks are subject to local, state and federal weight limitations. Intercomp’s LS-WIM (Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion) System provides the ability to screen these vehicles for compliance, including axle, axle group and gross vehicle weights, at exit gates while minimizing traffic slowdowns at most facilities.

Transport truck fleet operators must ensure all vehicles operate in a safe manner while remaining compliant with weight limits on public roads. Weight violations and safety hazards slow productivity, but Intercomp’s LS-WIM System gives fleet managers the ability to collect vehicle weight needed to avoid these potential issues, without hampering traffic flow. 

Unlike full-length truck scales, incoming and outgoing traffic does not have to stop each time a vehicle needs to be weighed. By allowing traffic flow to continue, the system allows for easy and efficient verification of individual axle weights, axle groups and gross vehicle weights, which law enforcement uses to determine compliance of commercial vehicles. By complying with posted weight restrictions for public roads, freight operators ensure they are operating their vehicles safely.

Compared to traditional full-length truck scales, the small footprint of the LS-WIM system allows for installation at most facilities, at approximately half the cost, including civil work. The system increases facility efficiency by accurately weighing vehicles traveling up to 10 mph (15 kph). Coupled with the 13-foot (4.14-meter) wide weighbridge, nearly any vehicle, including those with a wide load or trailer, can be quickly screened.