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Digital Weight Readout for Weighing Scales

Digital Weight Indicators - Basic

Basic digital weight indicators are usually pretty easy to configure and can be used on items like bench scales or standard floor scales. Most feature an ABS plastic enclosure with simple features. Be sure to contact our sales department for product reviews and recommendations since in many cases we have used these weight indicators in past projects and can recommend the right product for your particular application. In some instances, we may recommend that you look at stainless steel weight indicators or checkweighing indicators instead due to things like increased durability or availability. 

  • avery-weigh-tronix-zm201-weight-readout.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM201 Basic Weight IndicatorAvery Weigh-Tronix ZM201 are ideal for applications that require a basic weighing indicator for performing Zero, Tare and Print functions. Their simple yet powerful design makes them the perfect choice for connecting with bench, platform or floor scales and bin/tank/hopper (vessel) scales.
  • 120-indicator.jpg
    Rice Lake 120 Series Digital Weight IndicatorsThe 120 model is an economical unit for basic weighing functions. A durable plastic housing, simple five-key operation, and time & date function are offered with this attractive and simple design. The 120 Plus provides a full keypad and battery operation
  • btek-t103-p-battery-powered-weight-indicator.jpg
    B-Tek T103-P Digital Weight IndicatorThe B-TEK T103-P indicator is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications. Ready for use in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory and shipping areas. It's perfect for bench scale applications. The T103P features an ABS housing along with a large backlit LCD, built-in rechargeable battery
  • cardinal-rival-185-weight-readout
    Cardinal 185 Rival Digital Weight ReadoutCardinal Scale 185 Rival is a high-quality, economical durable weight indicator with bright-green LCD for easy viewing. The washdown IP66-rated attractive molded ABS enclosure is built for durability in harsh indoor or outdoor weighing applications. Also available with rechargeable battery power, the model 185B is powered by six standard, off-the-shelf AA Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries.
  • SBI-521-digital-weight-indicators.jpg
    Brecknell SBI-521 Digital Weight IndicatorThe Brecknell SBI-521 is loaded with many standard features. This indicator series is housed in a steel enclosure rated at IP65 and may be used in wide variety of applications from bench, floor scale, batching system, check weighing and more! Good choice to replace the old Salter 200SL
  • doran-scales-ds100-weight-display.jpg
    Doran DS100 Basic Digital Weight IndictatorDo you think low price means low quality? The DS100 will have you thinking differently. The DS100 Digital Weight Indicator is constructed of heavy gauge painted mild steel. This AC powered digital weight indicator includes many features found in much higher priced indicators.
  • weighsouth-ws10-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Weighsouth WS10 Digital Weight IndicatorThe Weighsouth WS10 digital weight indicator is a great choice if you're looking for a simple readout with something a little tougher than the typical abs plastic construction found on most low cost scale weight displays. The WS-10 features stainless steel enclosure, backlit LCD, rechargeable battery
  • transcell-ti500ESS-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Transcell TI500E-SS Digital IndicatorTranscell TI-500ESS is a general purpose, no frills digital indicator housed in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure. It comes with a large 0.8" LED screen for easy readout of up to 50,000 divisions, and supplies enough current for up to (4) 350 ohm load cells.
  • transcell-ti500e-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Transcell TI-500E Digital Weight IndicatorThe Transcell TI-500E is a general purpose, "no frills" digital indicator housed in a standard ABS enclosure. It comes with a large (0.6") green LED screen for easy read out & supplies enough current for up to four 350-ohm load cells. THIS IS A GREAT REPLACEMENT DIGITAL READOUT for an old scale.

Not All Digital Readouts For Scales Are Created Equal

The marketplace has many different choices when it comes to digital readouts for scales. You can buy high end programmable choices, you can choose a stainless steel version, you can choose a readout that allows you to program high and low tolerances along with a target weight. But, sometimes you just need something simple that will display the weight of your scale. No bells and whistles, just a reliable indicator at a good price. Contact us (919) 776-7737 for a review of products and recommendation based on your needs. We can let you know what we think the best value for the money is and what choice we believe is right for your particular application. We can also let you know which scale brands or manufacturers we trust and which ones that we suggest you avoid. Benefit from our decades of experience.

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