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INSCALE Indiana Scale Company

Indiana Scale Company located in Terre Haute, IN has been building floor scales for many years. In fact, they are arguably the inventors of the "floor scale package" that everybody now offers. Inscale is an American and Veteran owned company that has been in business since 1990. The company has been owned and operated by the same family. The company has a combined 100 years experience in the scale industry.

One thing that is a little different about Inscale is the company concentrates on the building of Domestic, Industrial floor scale units. They specialize in the building of industrial scales and accessories. Whereas other companies often delve into different types of electronics, smaller scales, software, etc... Inscale feels they have perfected the art of the scale base. They do offer a few Incell parts and components but their main goal is welding and constructing platform scales.

  • inscale-lp7510a-scale-display
    Inscale LP7510 Weight IndicatorBasic digital weight indicator available for a wide range of weighing applications. Multiple display and enclosure choices. 110VAC and/or battery power available.
  • inscale-low-profile-industrial-floor-scale
    Inscale Low Profile Floor ScaleInscale Low Profile Floor Scales are built in Terre Haute, Indiana. All bases 30x30 and under, utilize 2 channel understructure, 36x36 bases utilize 6 channel understructure, and anything else utilizes 7 channel understructure. Bases are quoted with thick tread plate up to 96 in size, anything over is in 3/8 tread plate.
  • inscale-low-profile-industrial-floor-scale
    Inscale Heavy Duty All-Weather Floor ScaleIndustrial Floor Scale, All-weather heavy duty scale popular with landscapers, recyclers, and anyone that needs a scale base outside part time or washing down quickly. Domestic Painted Mild-Steel NTEP base, with upgraded load cells, junction box, and feet to stainless steel.
  • inscale-weigh-frame-tank-vessel-scale
    Inscale Weigh Frame Tanks & Vessel ScaleInscale Weigh Frame platform scale is for tanks & vessels with bottom piping and applications too heavy for weigh rails.
  • inscale-floor-scale-portable-cart
    Inscale Floor Scale CartsAll welded structural steel construction. Low center of gravity and wide spaced wheels to reduce tipping. Priced with push handle, indicator mounting bracket, two 4 rigid, two 4 swivel phenolic wheels and locking foot brakes. (Cart Only, Base Sold Separate)
  • inscale-portable-sub-frame-lp-series-deck
    Inscale Portable Scale Sub FramePortable Sub Frame Accessory for Inscale floor scales make transporting the 4x4 or 5x5 scales much easier. Accessory For 1K-10K Inscale LP Series Scale Bases
  • inscale-lp7620-import-floor-scale-package
    Inscale LP7620 Floor Scale PackageInscale practically invented the concept of the industrial floor scale package. The latest offering is the LP7620 series floor scales. These are painted steel or stainless steel floor scales calibrated to a digital weighing indicator. Various sizes and capacities available.
When you utilize Inscale weighing equipment, they have the expertise to walk you through most any problem within a few minutes time, and you can understand what they are saying. Standardized replacement parts for bases are typically stocked and the factory does not use proprietary parts that are expensive or have long lead times from China.

Inscale is one of the very few, true domestic scale companies that will custom build to your application and they typically have the best lead times on product production. Whether you need stainless, aluminum, mild steel, a custom size.