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The postal industry worldwide is under extreme pressure from reduced or changing demand, increasing customer expectations and high fuel costs. Revenue generation and operational efficiency are the keys to profitable mailing and shipping operations. Postal scales and systems from NCI can help you accurately charge by weight and seamlessly integrate weight data into your back office system. If you need to charge your customers based on weight, we have a great selection of commercial scales available.

Our range of retail counter scales can be found in post offices all over the world. NCI’s postal scales have worldwide regulatory approval, allowing streamlined purchasing and a standardization of technology. For back office mail industry operations, Avery Weigh-Tronix has a range of weighing scales and systems to enhance efficiency and protect revenues. With over 250 years of experience working with postal services, Avery Weigh-Tronix is committed to working with postal partners to match product development with industry challenges. Contact us for a quote today.

Letters and Packets - NCI’s postal scales and systems help letter and packet carriers reduce cost and protect revenue generation.

Parcels and Bulk Mail - Postal scales and systems from NCI help keep parcel and bulk mail operations efficient and profitable. By correctly charging by weight, automating seamless data capture and streamlining purchasing and service, our postal and parcel scales help your bottom line.

Shipping and Mailing - Weighing scales and systems help shipping companies maintain efficiency and safety. Our scales collect critical weight and tracking information to ensure accurate billing and safe loading.

  • nci-7815-ups-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7815 Shipping Scale 12x14The NCI 7815 shipping scale is suitable for parcels and large packages up to 75kg/150lb. This postal scale is highly accurate and legal for trade in the US, allowing you to charge by weight directly from it. It is also switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility. 7815R features remote display only. 12"x14" platform
  • nci-7820-electronicl-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7820 Series Shipping ScalesNCI 7820 parcel scale is very robust, able to stand up to frequent use in busy mail rooms and postal environments. The 7820 postal scale can operate as a stand-alone scale or be integrated into existing systems via an RS232 connection. 7820B features handle and 7820R features remote display
  • nci-7821-lb-kg-usb-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7821 High Capacity USB Parcel Shipping ScaleThe NCI 7821 parcel and shipping scale has a high capacity (up to 100 kg / 200lbs) but a compact footprint, to save valuable counter space. This allows you to weigh parcels of almost any size on the same scale, saving time, cost and space. This scale is switchable between lbs / kgs. 12"x14" Platform
  • nci-large-large-parcel-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7824 High Capacity Shipping ScaleNCI 7824 and parcel scales are suitable for heavier or oversized items. They are as big as 24 inches, able to handle most large parcels or containers. These bench scales have a high capacity, up to 150kg/300lb and are switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility. Platform: 24" x 24" Ships via LTL
  • nci-7885-remote-display-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7885 Shipping Scale with Remote DisplayThe NCI 7885 shipping scale is suitable for large and oversized items where the display needs to be remote from the scale. This parcel scale comes standard with a six digit LCD remote display on a seven foot cable, allowing you to mount the display wherever needed. 18" x 18" platform
  • idimension-dim-weight-measurement-pallets-ltl-freight
    Rice Lake iDimension LTL Pallet Dimensioning SystemThe Rice Lake iDimension LTL optimizes dimensional shipping and enhances quality assurance verification in loading bays, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments.
  • rice-lake-idimension-pwd-dim-weight-pallet-scale
    Rice Lake iDimension PWD System Dimensional WeighingThe iDimension® PWD dimensioner and scale system provides shippers with the dimensions and weight of palletized shipments, empowering users to identify the correct freight class and reduce the risk of non-compliance fees from carriers.
  • rice-lake-idimension-mobile-cart-dim-weight-scale
    Rice Lake iDimension® Plus MobileThe rugged iDimension Plus Mobile powered carts consist of 30” and 48” long workstations that hold and power the iDimension Plus dimensioner and other hardware including scales, laptops/thin clients/CPUs and printers up to 12+ hours at a time or 24/7 operation

From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, we offer comprehensive logistic solutions for your logistics needs. We also have weighing solutions to meet SOLAS regulations and specialized logistics equipment for sea ports and terminals.

LTL Freight Dimensioner That Assures Quality

The iDimension LTL uses advanced sensing technology to accurately determine the cubic dimensions of freight, helping ensure freight code compliance is being recorded and declared. Ideal for LTL carriers and companies with a high percentage of product shipped via pallet or crate, the iDimension LTL removes the potential for human error when taking measurements. The extra labor of manually determining dimensions is eliminated by accurately capturing freight dimensions in less than two seconds.

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