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Triner Scale is a leader in the manufacturing of weighing products throughout the United States. Triner Scale & Manufacturing Co., Inc is headquartered in Olive Branch, MS and has been in the scale business since 1897. Triner Scale offers a great selection of affordable floor scales, airline baggage scales, and livestock weighing equipment.
  • triner-ntep-big-red-floor-scales
    Triner NTEP Low Profile Floor ScaleTriner low profile floor scales available in 3' x 3' x 4.5", 4' x 4' x 4.5", 5' x 5' x 4.5", 4' x 5' x 4.5", 4' x 6' x 4.5", 4' x 8' x 4.5" or 5' x 7' x 4.5" dimensions. Capacity: 5000 lb x 1 lb or 10,000 lb x 2 lb. NTEP Legal For Trade, Class III @ 5000 Divisions. Four Premium NTEP Approved Alloy Steel Nickel Plated Load Cells, built in Overload Protection. NEMA 4X Junction Box.
  • triner-airline-baggage-scales
    Triner TS 600 E Series NTEP Airline Baggage ScalesNTEP Certified Legal for Trade Triner baggage scales feature 300 lb x 0.5 lb capacity. Weighing platforms made to order to assure custom fit. Factory calibrated. Dual digital weight displays mount flush with cabinetry. Remote mount control keypad mounts flush with cabinetry. Contemporary, neutral graphics easily integrate with diverse range of cabinetry designs.
  • triner-portable-curbside-luggage-weigh-scale
    Triner TS-600 EP Portable Curbside Baggage WeigherThe Triner Scale 600 EP is an NTEP Legal For Trade Portable Airline Baggage Scale for that easily rolls to and from locations for curbside skycap baggage weighing.
  • awb-livestock-portable-weigh-beams.jpg
    AWB Series Portable Weigh BeamsAWB Weigh Bars Set of (2) load bars calibrated with digital weight indicator. These are probably the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. It includes 2 complete weigh bars, 2 quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery. Choice of length. Cap: 5000 lbs.